Yasir Hussain Gave Yet Another Problematic Interview And We're Not Surprised

By Arslan Athar | 25 Jun, 2019

It’s been over a month since Yasir Hussain and Hania Aamir got into a fight on the internet over his insensitive comments about Hania and her acne.


At the time this was happening, a lot of people were talking about how Yasir Hussain has a history with problematic views and has often made headlines over the controversies he seems to find himself in the middle of.

That statement is still true today, especially considering his most recent interview with Waseem Badami. 

This interview was part of ARY News’ cricket transmissions. The journalist interviews Yasir Hussain in a typical celebrity manner, asking him the burning questions but still using his iconic ‘masoomana sawaal’ to his advantage and getting some information out of Yasir.

It all starts out pretty innocently with the topic of marriage and how soon Yasir Hussain will tie the knot. Yasir responds by saying that it will happen soon but that he hasn’t spoken to the woman he wants to marry about it yet. After this is when the problematic things begin. Here’s a complete list of these things:

1. He claims that everyone in Pakistan is too sensitive about comedy. 

In response to a question regarding his online ‘feud’ with Hania, Yasir talks about how Pakistanis, especially celebrities, are too sensitive with their jokes. He says that if we listen to old Pakistani comedy or American stand up shows, we will all find them to be incredibly racist, however, he says that comedy needs to be taken lightly.

Source: Har Lamha Parjosh / YouTube


2. ‘Red carpet pe hum backless dresses pehn le ge, lekin hum Oscars wali mazaak nahin bardasht kar sakte’. 

Yes, Yasir actually said this. The insinuation that comes from this is that, somehow, backless dresses are vulgar and that if we can tolerate them, it is quite hypocritical to be intolerant towards humor.

3. In response to a question, Yasir Hussain said that Hania Aamir picked a fight with him for ‘fame’. 

Source: Har Lamha Parjosh / YouTube


4. He also said that those actors that sided with Hania also did so for ‘fame’. 

5. Yasir overtly denied his controversial statement regarding Ahsan Khan’s win for ‘Udaari’. 

When Ahsan Khan won for his performance in ‘Udaari’, Yasir Hussain had said on stage that if a child molester was this good looking, he would want to be a child. According to Yasir, in this interview, he actually NEVER said those words and that some people reported this falsely and the entire country fell for it.

Source: Har Lamha Parjosh / YouTube


In the rest of his interview, he also talked about how he and Iqra and just friends. Furthermore, in response to a ‘rapid fire question,’ he said that he doesn’t consider Imran Abbas an actor.

You can watch his entire interview here:


Yasir Hussain has been a controversial figure in recent times and clearly continues to be so. The most we can do is call him out on opinions that aren’t okay and hope that he learns from his mistakes. Whether or not that is working is a different discussion altogether.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: Har Lamha Parjosh / YouTube

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