Naeem ul Haque Shared A Fake Photo Of Imran Khan From 1969 And Pakistanis Have Unleashed The Most Hilarious Responses

By Maliha Khan | 25 Jun, 2019

Our current Prime Minister needs no formal introduction, but here’s a little peek into IK’s past. From his successful Cricket career to his entry into Politics, his ways of living have changed, but his looks have remained golden. I mean, have you seen his smile, and is not enough to melt your heart?


So along with being a cricket player, Imran Khan was also known as a – don’t mind my use of words – stud muffin

The man can do no wrong when it comes to his looks and has aged like fine wine.



This leads me into the picture Imran Khan’s Special Assistant, Naeem ul Haque, posted on Twitter from 1969

I mean at first glance nothing looks wrong and out of the ordinary, see for yourself. It’s just a picture of Imran Khan from his glory days, no harm meant by it, besides hearts throbbing.

IK was born in 1952, which would make him 17 years old in this picture. The supposed year of this picture makes sense because Imran Khan entered the Cricket game around the age of 18. The calculation of Imran Khan’s age and the year of this picture, according to the caption, seem to corroborate each other.


People were quick to point out that this photo is not of Imran Khan and the trolls have started what is the most epic Twitter thread of 2019

Folks on Twitter are posting similarly funny pictures of people who are not actually the ones they’re being labeled as.


Like this hilarious photo of Fawad Chaudhry from 1979

I don’t think Fawad Chaudhary is old let alone that told. Is it just me or is that a picture of the Angel guy with Fawad Chaudhary’s face photoshopped on top?


Or Firdous Ashiq Awan from 1969


This hilarious photo of captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is as iconic as the real one


People didn’t even spare Naeem-ul-haq himself


And Shoaib Malik


The late Benazir Bhutto


Nawaz Sharif


And this iconic photo of Imran Khan with Bilawal Zardari

These are just some of the gems, you can check out more on the thread.


As for the original photo posted by Naeem ul Haq?

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant is either trying to pull everyone’s leg by sharing this “supposed” picture of Imran Khan or needs to be fired, because that is definitely not Imram Khan from 1969. The picture is actually of Sachin Tendulkar from a year that was most definitely not 1969 because Sachin wasn’t even a thought in his parent’s mind in 1969.



Let’s zoom a little closer on the face in the picture Naeem Ul Haque shared

Via Twitter/@NaeemUlHaque

The resemblance is uncanny and I’m starting to think Naeem Ul Haque may have been trolling us.

Do you think Naeem Ul Haque was just trying to troll us because the tweet is still up and many have mentioned to him the person in the picture is not Imran Khan from 1969?


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Cover image via: / @KunwarMoeez / Twitter

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