11 Times Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Didn't Give A F*ck About The Ghairat Brigade

By Arslan Athar | 14 Jun, 2019

All of us have been speculating over Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s true relationship status. It is a widely held opinion that the two young actors are dating, with many people guessing that they might also be engaged at this time. A lot of their interaction online ins through social media, where a lot of people are just waiting to tell them off for their relationship.

The pair seem to have not paid much heed to people online and have shared their life together online, and also retorted back to their trolls, in their own way.

As the couple shared more pictures together, some people on the internet couldn’t handle it and wanted them to stop or well, get married. That didn’t stop them, they just went ahead and poked people with their sly and clever references to their relationship.

We decided to put up a list of all the times both Iqra and Yasir poked their trolls back.

1. There was that one time when Iqra basically confirmed things through her t-shirt.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


2. There was this time when Yasir Hussain tried to be smart with his words and his selection of shairi. 

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


3. Kaisa laga, Yasir? Please, do share. 

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


4. Iqra Aziz referred to Yasir as a deewana in a caption for this selfie. 

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


5. Heck, they even did the ‘Follow Me’ thing on Instagram. 

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


6. I would also like to remind you all of the time Iqra went down on one knee for Yasir. 

It was rather cute, and a slap on the face you were trolling them about being together all the time.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


7. Yasir Hussain shared with us about how Iqra helped ease his nervousness.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


8. He even called her a ‘chota sa sapna’! 

Ugh, the trolls would have collectively lost their shit.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


9. The actors are both on vacation together and Iqra used an interesting hashtag. 

She called it a ‘#Baecation’. I don’t know about you all, but that’s all the proof I freaking need.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


She even used this hashtag under a post by Yasir Hussain.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


10. Furthermore, Iqra Aziz posed for a picture and then Yasir Hussain ripped it off.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


But the question is, who did it better?

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


11. Lastly, Yasir Hussain directly addressed the haters and told them to let him and Iqra enjoy their holidays. 

Source: @yasir.hussain131/ Instagram


At the end of the day, it is their lives and it is their decision what to do with it. If they’re choosing to spend time together, that is also totally their choice, and also isn’t it for the best for them to really get to know each other before they move to the next step of a relationship.

Sometimes the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them and live your life as you were- nothing annoys them more.

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 Cover Photo Courtesy: @iiqraaziz and @yasir.hussain131 / Instagram

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