Waqar Zaka Just Asked For Forgiveness For ‘Destroying Young Minds' And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 May, 2019

Waqar Zaka is repenting for all his past mistakes publicly. 

We all know the infamous television personality Waqar Zaka. He’s always making headlines for one reason or another. Usually, it’s because he’s having a very public phadda with someone. But this time, it’s because he wants to ask for forgiveness for all those phaddas and more.


Waqar bhai just posted asking for forgiveness for his past shows and antics

Waqar Zaka’s post talked about how he seeks forgiveness from God for all of his past transgressions including making questionable content which ‘destroyed’ young mindsets. As well as being rude to people who were on Living On The Edge as contestants.

Apart from forgiveness, he also asked God to help him make his latest campaign ‘Tehreek-e-Tech’ Pakistan a success and have as many Pakistanis join it.


Some people found Waqar’s post a little funny.


But there were also those who wanted to focus on the positive and commended Waqar Zaka on his strength to ask for forgiveness for his mistakes made in the past.

While it was nice to see that a lot of people were appreciative of Waqar Zaka’s public apology , it seems a little weird that he would broadcast his prayers to the internet. And not to mention how weird it was to add a link, in the end, encouraging people to support his cause, Tehreek-e-Tech Pakistan.

What do you think about Waqar Zaka’s public apology? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @zakawaqar via Twitter.com

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