Waqar Zaka Just Launched His Own Political Party And I Can't Believe I Actually Kinda Agree With Him

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Apr, 2019

Waqar Zaka just might be on to something and I can’t believe I’m  agreeing with him…


Everyone in this country under the age of 35 is well aware of Waqar Zaka, the man who loves “living on the edge”

The television show host who is very active on social media just posted a half hour long video talking about his latest initiative which he is calling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Tech for now.

Waqar Zaka
Source: Waqar Zaka Via: Facebook

He asked his followers to recommend whether the name was fine or should they change it to Technology Movement Pakistan. In the video, he touched upon various things, but the bottom line was simple; make Pakistan more technology friendly and the people more technology literate.


Waqar bhai has now announced the launch of his very own political party, Tehreek-e-Tech, with some very interesting words

He starts off with telling everyone that his video was in no way against the current government and he reminded everyone how he was and still is Imran Khan’s biggest fan.

Source: tribune.com.pk

But he also thought that the government was not focusing on technology-related issues and progress and which is why Waqar Zaka is stepping in.


He talked about Pakistan’s space program and how given India’s recent adventures in space, Pakistan needs to step up

He said that SUPARCO was started 8 years before India’s space program ISRO but now is severely lagging behind in the space race. He outlined how SUPARCO to date has only sent a handful of satellites into space while India’s ISRO had sent them in the hundreds. Not to mention how other countries were now using India’s launch pad as well.

Waqar Zaka does have a point. I can’t believe I am agreeing with him but the budget assigned to our space program is inadequate if SUPARCO wants to progress and become a top contender in the space race.

Source: suparco.gov.pk


He has a 9 point manifesto for his new political party focusing on a broad range of technology based issues

The manifesto includes treating the internet as a basic human right, introducing tech-based systems to counter corruption, use blockchain technology for reporting crimes, turn villages into smart villages by educating people about the internet and technology and more.

Source: techjuice.pk

Oh and he wants to follow Elon Musk’s school theory and start teaching about technology in Madrasas. In his video, he focused a lot on how religion should be used to propagate a pro-technology stance. I don’t know how I feel about this point…

Apart from a few concerning ideas, what Waqar Zaka said makes sense. Pakistan is severely lagging behind in the race to send missions to space. Apart from a few satellites, the potential space technology might have has been vastly unexplored in our country.

And his insistence on introducing an e-currency and moving to a more cashless society also makes sense. Maybe not following the Venezuelan method as he mentioned but maybe finally introducing services like PayPal or the like which make transferring funds easier.


Overall, his focus on making Pakistanis, in general, more internet literate so they can use the internet to earn money makes sense and is a pretty good idea on paper considering it is the age of technology.

You can watch his entire video here:

Pakistan Tehreek E Tech ( PTT)Overview:There are more than 122 rehistered political parties in Pakistan which have their own visions and missions. Some have their slogan of Food, Shelter and Clothes, some hold a stand for justice, some of them wants to make country's infrastructure better, and some of them have the intentions to root out the corruption forever. The surprising fact is that despite of being concerned for the country in different ways, these parties have prominently ignored a basic and the most secure way of progressing and prospering i.e. Technology. This is the point where Pakistan Tehreek – E – Tech jumps in with its basic vision to turn Pakistan into the Kingdom of Technology with the promise to bring the real digital and technological revolution in the country.Our Mission:• We intend to install a high-tech baaed system in the country to trace and root out the corruption.• Internet will be treated as a basic human right.• With the launch of tech based products and services, we aim to generate huge revenue, and get investments from the rest of the world.• We will implement a high-tech data monitoring system in each government department, using Block Chain technology, which will replace the failed manual file system. This will also be a shield against cyber attacks, corruption and other stealth crimes.• Following Elon Musk school theory, we plan to target Islamic Institutes including madrasas to offer technology related subjects along with their religious education. This will make Madarsas also a place to learn science and technology, so students can explore the whole universe parallel to their religious exposure.• We have a mission to turn all the country's villages into the smart villages by the provision of free internet, awareness of science and technology through various awareness programs in their own native languages.• After becoming a Nuclear Power, its time to Make Pakistan a Space Power as there are only four in the world, USA, Russia, China and India. Its very important that we as a nation must understand how Space Monetization can help us strengthen our country’s economy. For this we will conduct a contest for every interested citizen to invent something for space.• We will specially assign an online female tech staff to educate and train those women who doesn't or can't come out and enroll themselves in an institute or lab physically to learn science and experiment it.• Provision of an opportunity for every student to become an online trader, and earn in US Dollars. This will boost the country's economy, and our currency's value will be increased. Pakistan could rapidly become a developed state from an underdeveloped one.

Gepostet von Waqar Zaka am Dienstag, 9. April 2019

What do you think of Waqar Zaka’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Technology? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: techjuice.pk and Waqar Zaka /Facebook

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