India Just Became A Space Power And All Anyone Can Do Is Make Fun Of Modi

By Biya Haq | 27 Mar, 2019

I mean, the jokes are just out of this world!

Today, India officially became the fourth nation in the world to possess the power to destroy low earth orbiting satellite.

That basically means that India now has the weaponry to destroy enemy satellites in space. The country basically got a shiny new toy to put in the closet with their other very powerful warfare tools. After the US, China and Russia, India is the only other power in the whole world to hold this ability as of now.

‘Mission Shakti,’ – what it’s known as, was one giant step for the country’s military dominance however it seems that the only thing people have been doing, is making fun of their Prime Minister. Yup.

India just became a superpower and all anyone can do is make fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Looks like their sense of humour is improving! Wonder who they learnt that from…

Anywho, people all over the country began commenting hilariously on Mission Shakti when Modi was half an hour late in announcing the official possession.

Being Pakistanis, this was, funnily enough, something we could relate to ONE HUNDRED percent.

Next, the jokes started rolling in when Modi actually let everyone in on the big secret.

Lol, and to the Indian people, it seems as though the news of the weapon was about the dullest thing they could think of.

And look, I mean this is a pretty big thing. I am a Pakistani and I am saying that the fact that India obtained this level of sophisticated technology is pretty damn impressive.

Scared for sure, but it is impressive. But the reality of the situation is, being a space power is not as sexy as it sounds. No one landed on the moon and no one discovered a new planet. So, lol, yeah fair enough on the joke front.

Also, when are memes ever a bad idea?

So, while the achievement is quite the feat and while India will probably use it somehow to spy on us or send some more blown up balloons our way, it doesn’t seem as though they will be making any big movies on it yet.

Well, maybe.

Have you seen the news? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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