Waqar Zaka And Irfan Junejo Just Had The Most Petty Phadda And It's Actually Rather Entertaining

By Biya Haq | 1 Mar, 2019

Waqar Zaka and Irfan Junejo, two people whose names you never thought would be taken in the same sentence.


So, Waqar Zaka and Irfan Junejo got into it on Instagram, and it was just as ridiculous as you thought it would be.

Source: @IrfanJunejo/@WaqarZaka Via Instagram


The two social media stars have hundreds of thousands of fans and followers who all got a front seat show to the Junejo Zaka fall out and honestly, lol, so did we.

Let’s begin with Irfan, shall we?


On his Instagram story, Junejo revealed that ‘someone’ had commented on his recent collaboration with Emirates, stating that the whole deal was fake.


This, someone, turned out to be Waqar Zaka who had apparently posted Insta stories, stating that Junejo’s partnership with Emirates was fake.

Of course, to this, Junejo hopped up on to his own Instagram stories and showed us the actual document issued by Emirates, confirming the entire collaboration. Junejo had receipts!

Source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram


Oh and this, lol.

Source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram


Look familiar?

Source: tribune.com.pk


Junejo further confirmed his collab when he showed footage of his interaction with football players in the Emirates stadium as well as him being on the actual football pitch, a special access privilege only the collaboration could have made possible.

And he was pretty smug about it too.

Source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram

“Are YOU living on the edge?”


Zaka, on the other hand has conveniently deleted all the commentary about Junejo’s ‘fake’ collaboration from his Insta stories but luckily for Junejo (and lol us), Irfan screen recorded the entire thing.

Source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram

That’s right PEOPLE.


The whole thing was recorded and saved as a video in a dropbox link so everyone could see and just as we tried to, however, it looks like all his other fans beat us to it.

Source: dropbox.com


And lol, it looked pretty bad for Zaka since he pretty much had no other direction to turn since he was one hundred exposed on his words on Junejo.

Source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram

So far we haven’t heard anything else from Zaka and we are still waiting on access to that dropbox so we can sip the tea along with everyone else. ~

No matter how entertaining the Internet gets, it’s pretty much 101 that there is no such such thing as the ‘delete’ button anymore. Everything on the Internet lives forever and that includes social media.

You may think you can delete something but in reality, fifty people probably already have the whole thing saved on their phone, especially when you are a verified social media celebrity with over 125 thousand followers.



Source: Dick Clark Productions

And honestly, good on Junejo for handling it like a pro. It was pretty petty, but in a grown-up way, make sense?

Have you seen the mini phadda? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: @IrfanJunejo Via Instagram /Tribune.pk

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