Pakistanis Have Started A Petition To Give Imran Khan The Nobel Peace Prize After His Gesture Of Peace

By Sarmad Amer | 1 Mar, 2019

Give PM Khan the Nobel Peace Prize


Imran Khan announced yesterday, during a joint parliamentary session that the captured Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan, would be released today, as a gesture of peace during these trying times with India.

Wing Commander Abhinandan was captured after he crossed the LOC during recently rising tensions with India. His plane was shot down by the PAF after India had said this was an act of “retaliation” on their part for Pulwama attack, which they believe to be a malicious operation from Pakistan.


Prime Minister Khan’s announcement was met with a lot of surprise and shock but equal measures of gratitude on both sides of the border


People of Pakistan were appreciative of Prime Minister Khan for staying true to his words of always wanting peace with India

Having stated multiple times that Pakistan is looking to resolve all outstanding issues with India through dialogue, Prime Minister Khan had said after India’s “retaliation” that Pakistan will always try to be peaceful but if provoked it will retaliate. The capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan was seen as a very worthy display of Pakistan’s strength in defending its sovereignty. However soon, Prime Minister Khan announced that despite not a level of similar peaceful gestures being shown by India, he would release the captured pilot today.

A petition has been circulating asking for Imran Khan to be given the Nobel Peace Prize for releasing the captured Indian pilot



The petition was started by Rameez Asif and has gathered almost 25,000 signatures within less than 24 hours has gathered massive support from Pakistanis all around the world.


Even Indians think that the latest move by Imran Khan is valid and deserving because of Mr. Modi’s reactions

Although begrudgingly, even the neighbors want to give Prime Minister Khan the Nobel Peace Prize and that’s another win.


So, Nobel Committee, are you listening?


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