Waqar Zaka Has Spoken Up About Why He's Changing As A Person In A Recent Interview

By Noor | 1 Jun, 2019

Recently, Waqar Zaka tweeted an apology, admitting that he has destroyed young minds and that he wants everyone to forgive him.

Now, he’s made a TV show appearance, talking about the reason why he’s changed as a person. 

Source: humnews.pk

He started off by explaining that he, along with some other celebrities, fall into a category which is mostly hated by a vast majority. He included people like Sahir Lodhi and Aamir Liaquat in this category too.

Source: humnews.pk

He also stated that this particular category of celebrities ALWAYS ends up being involved in controversies. He mentioned that it’s all because of the image they have created in the minds of the audience.

Waqar Zaka publicly admitted that his recent show featured his ‘bad side’ because the creation of that ‘drama’ generated views and money. 

While explaining this, he also apologized for hurting the sentiments of all the participants involved.

Source: humnews.pk

While talking about the changes in his personality, Waqar Zaka charted out the differences between his old and new versions.

Source: humnews.pk

He explained that he has understood that all his actions were deeply affecting the audience and this all had a great impact on the younger generation. He further mentioned that he wanted to utilize his platform to spread positivity. He also said that he assessed his own self to understand how his productivity as an individual can benefit his own country.

Source: humnews.pk

Here’s the link to his interview where he spills some major tea.

Explaining why Waqar Zaka has changed.

Gepostet von Waqar Zaka am Samstag, 1. Juni 2019


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Waqar Zaka Just Asked For Forgiveness For ‘Destroying Young Minds’ And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts

Cover image via humnews.pk

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