Pakistanis Are Turning To Social Media Because Of A TV Blackout On Protestors Against Asia Bibi Case

By Ramsha Bhatti | 1 Nov, 2018

Khurshid Shah just bashed the Prime Minister for not mincing his words and telling the protestors that the state may take action against them if they continue creating havoc in the country.


Khurshid Shah mentioned the silence of the media over the turmoil taking place in the country at the moment.

He did say that it was a good thing the media isn’t covering it and then continued to criticize the Prime Minister.


Today was the day things were expected to return to normal: there weren’t supposed to be any more protests; riots; or mobs of angry clerics out there for anyone’s blood. Today, Pakistan was supposed to be back to its routine, filled with overly crowded roads, busy streets, and children in schools after having gone through yesterday’s disastrous palaver.

Things outside, however, seem to be anything but normal.


If you turn to the media, things seem to have settled down. But if you turn to social media, Rome (read: Pakistan) seems to be burning. 

Things are nowhere back to being normal and the riots are still happening

After all, their leader incited violence against all state institutions, how can things be normal?

It seems like the security situation is going out of hands since TLP protestors, along with other angry clerics, have started going for innocent blood following Asia Bibi’s acquittal.

But the question is: Where are the breaking news and the headlines?

If you turn your TV on, you will come across news about PM Imran Khan’s last night’s address and Khurshid Shah condemning it. No trace of anything even remotely unsettling taking place in the country can be found on any of the news channels and it is surprising and confusing.


Pakistanis, like us, are equally befuddled by this act of negligence and are asking questions about the media’s absence in such sensitive circumstances. 

People are asking all sorts of questions because there is this eerie silence at the news industry’s end.


In such bleak times, people have resorted to social media to help each other and to keep others updated and safe. 

Since the situation outside has still not been curbed and there are massive riots taking place, people are keeping each other informed about the situation to ensure everyone is safe.

The electronic media is the last source to look up to in such critical times, hence people are making the best use of Twitter and other social media platforms to spread the news to their followers.


You can look up the traffic situation, roadblocks, and other things happening in your city by looking up on the internet

Pakistanis have made hashtags such as: KhiAlerts, IsbAlerts, and LhrAlerts, trending topics on Twitter and it’s the smartest thing ever to have come out of this social media generation. Kudos!

#KhiAlerts covers all the events taking place in Karachi.

The hashtag is helping to inform others about which areas are safe and which areas are a no-go zone for today.

Then we have #IsbAlerts to keep the people of Islamabad, and those traveling to it, informed.

Besides the hashtags, you can also see traffic and commute updates on Deputy Commissioner Islamabad’s Twitter handle.

Sadly, even Lahore needs an Alert page at the moment since things have been downhill all day long there as well.

Search for #LHRalerts to keep yourself and your close ones safe.

The only question that comes to mind after having gone through Twitter rigorously is: Why isn’t any of this being covered by the media?

There is literally no trace of any such happening being narrated by any of the news readers. You can get intel about PM Imran Khan’s visit to China, or the commotion taking place in the National Assembly, but where is the information we need right now? Why aren’t we being told about the situation in our country?


In the end, the internet and social media remain our heroes. Without the strategic use of the internet and social forums, it would be safe to say that the masses would have remained naive to the gravity of the situation at hand. As can be seen by the confusion caused to some people who come out on the streets and find choked roads. We would have been oblivious to the crippling turmoil out in the streets and could have been caught in the fire which is threatening the security of our country and our cities if not for social media.

We are thankful for everyone’s input in this matter and acknowledge their efforts to keep everyone safe and informed. We sincerely hope and wish that everyone remains safe during this havoc.


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