Tehreek-e-Labaik Leaders Are Inciting People To Rebel Against The State And That's Totally Unacceptable

By Ramsha Bhatti | 31 Oct, 2018

After a long battle that lasted for almost a decade, Asia Bibi has now been acquitted by the Supreme Court and Pakistanis couldn’t be happier.


Today was a turning point in the history of Pakistan, where a person falsely accused has been set free by the country’s highest court.

source: christiansinpakistan.com


People are happy about this twist of events and are applauding the various people who were a part of Asia’s long, hard battle against ethno-religious marginalization. 

People like Justice Khosa and the late Salman Taseer are being thanked by the masses for their just treatment an support in Asia’s case.

On the other end, religious groups have erupted into a nationwide protest rallying against Asia Bibi’s acquaintance and major cities experienced massive rights.

There’s chaos in Karachi

And in Faizabad

 However, what stood out amidst all this havoc is the Tehreek-e-Labaik, who were a pioneer of this chaos

To further add fuel to the already burning fire, Afzal Qadri has come forth with a new suggestion to fight against the “assumed” unfair and unjust acquittal of Asia Bibi

And thank God, people are not really pleased with this statement, to say the least

Afzal Qadri asked the Army to stand up and rebel against Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa, and people have legit lost their shit

There is no way to sugar coat the kind of hate people are spewing against Tehreek-e-Labaik at the moment.


How does one even make this content safe for public viewing? 


 People are dumbfounded at the audacity Afzal Qadri, and other members of the Tehreek-E-Labaik have managed to show amidst this entire ordeal.

The question which lingers now is: How long can people and political and religious groups go on and continue to malign prestigious and credible institutions such as the Supreme Court and the Army in Pakistan. Freedom of speech has turned into an ugly excuse in the political battlefield in Pakistan, one that needs to be used in an ethical manner, not to be taken for granted. It is high time that the people of Pakistan take stern actions against such hateful actions and comments and show solidarity for what they believe in. No leader or figurehead should be comfortable enough to promote rebellion in an already politically unstable country and strict actions must be taken against all who promote such actions and content.

On that note, what is your take on Afzal Qadri’s request? Do you think there need to be serious repercussions to his actions? Let us know what you think about this.


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