Pakistanis Stranded On The Streets Because Of Protests Against Aasia Bibi Case Are Demanding Government Attention

By Rameeza Ahmad | 1 Nov, 2018

The entire country is on lockdown as officials prepare for riots. 

The Supreme Court made a landmark judgment yesterday when they acquitted Aasia Bibi for blasphemy charges. Aasia Bibi had spent the last 8 years in prison on false charges levied against her.


While scores of people within Pakistan and even internationally celebrated this acquittal, the far right within Pakistan was less than pleased by it. Retaliation from the right was already expected if such a judgment was passed and of course, they did not disappoint.

Only moments after the historical judgment was made, members of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan along with their leader Khadim Rizvi spoke out against it and stated that they will not rest till Aasia Bibi was hanged.

And to help their cause, they immediately mobilized and shut down main roads in different cities across the country to disrupt everyday life and in an effort to make the government and judiciary bow down to their wishes.

However, that did not happen and they vowed not to back down which escalated matters quite a bit. The Prime Minister even addressed the nation that anyone who causes harm to public property or to other people will be dealt with accordingly.

Cities have since then been on high alert and entry points have been closed down. So the people on highways are pretty much stranded.

According to reports, some people have been stranded in different cities and areas for more over 23 hours.

This girl even wrote a post about her own experience, stuck on the motorway.

They’ll tell you there are traffic jams across Pakistan. But that’s all they’ll tell you. They won’t tell you about…

Gepostet von Mahnoor Kashif am Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

And apparently, in certain areas, mobile phone networks have been suspended as well.

The biggest issue in all of this is the uncertainty, no one really knows how long this will go on for. And how much longer people will be stranded on motorways and near the entrances of various cities across the country. The entire situation is already distressing but the element of uncertainty certainly makes it much worse.

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Were you stuck somewhere during the protests? Let us know in the comments! And send us your videos and stories as well!

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