Aasia Bibi's Monumental Acquittal Has Enraged Religious Parties & Pakistan Is On High Alert

By Aam Nawab | 31 Oct, 2018

Asia Bibi case marks a historic day in the life of every Pakistani.


Accused of blasphemy 9 years ago, Asia Bibi was officially pardoned by the Supreme Court

Source: change.org

Not only is this a momentous day for Asia Bibi and her family, but it is also a massive step forward for the Judicial System in this country. Riddled with corruption in its history, this case decision is yet another symbolic milestone for ‘Naya Pakistan.’

However, while most of the country is celebrating the Court’s decision, many are furious over the fact that Aasia was not served with the death penalty.


Khadim Rizvi, the leader of Tehreek-e-Labbaik called his party members and followers to cause havoc in the streets.

Rizvi himself was stationed outside of Punjab Assembly before the decision was announced. Once it was, members began forming together in mobs and subsequently, all the major cities of the country have now been placed on high alert.

This is something we all anticipated as Rizvi had time and again denounced the justice of Asia Bibi and her case. However, now that the final decision has been reached, it was only a matter of time before his words influenced many around him.


At this moment, it seems as though Karachi is getting the most aggressive hits and protests, followed along by roadblocks in Lahore and Islamabad.


Heavy police deployment is being reported around sensitive areas


Many have been doing what they can to show their support for Rizvi’s alleged call for justice.

Source: Express News’s Post Via Facebook
Source: Express News’s Post Via Facebook
Source: Express News’s Post Via Facebook
Source: Geo News Urdu’s Via Facebook


People are even suggesting that the Supreme Court waits in the release of Asia, for safety.

Though this is a day of equality, justice and strength for Asia Bibi, this is also a day of security, defiance and caution. Wherever you are, please make sure you are doing what you can to remain safe from harm’s way.

Do you have any information on city restraints? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: @PatelBhai92/@AdeelTayyabb88 Via Twitter

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