“The Haunting Of Hill House” Will Actually Fuck Your Entire Zindagi Up (So Watch It)

By Iman Zia | 31 Oct, 2018

Firstly, a very Happy Halloween everyone. Secondly, if you’re staying in tonight and want to celebrate the spooky holiday, then we have the perfect binge-watch for you. Critically acclaimed horror series ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ has left audiences in wonder. The Netflix Original series is adapted from Shirley Jackson’s classic novel and at the surface, it tells the tale of a haunted family – but it’s far more twisted than that.


Source: Netflix


The show breathes a traditional haunted household with sinister spirits taunting the members of the Crain family, but it also dives deeper into the family’s internal relationship with each other. The plot builds on shock that essentially all humans experience at some point or another, but while in the natural world it can be healed by therapy, for the Hill House family it’s far more complicated; their trauma is impenetrable to any form of medicinal healing because of its ghostly premise. Each member of the Crain family endured paranormal presence during their time in the Hill House mansion (the children were all very young). The shadowy corridors, a menacing twisting staircase, and sharp cold spots – the manor was nothing short of paralyzing. All family members have been seeing ghosts in intermittent phases of their lives ever since they moved into the house that one summer.

Source: Netflix


During these months, the house slowly unfurls itself unto each family member in unique ways; and it’s what drives all the children to their permanent adult states in the present; while one becomes an author, retelling his past to earn some dollars, the other is a drug addict, while another wears gloves because of fear of any form of intimacy, with the youngest suffering from sleep paralysis. I won’t reveal anymore about how they’re inflicted; they’re in pain and still suffer from spirits – but you’ll have to watch to find out why.  And what better time to start than on Halloween?

Source: Netflix



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