Hey Ladies, Here's A Fool Proof Way To Turn Your Crush Into Your Bae In No Time

By Sarah Babar | 26 Jan, 2017

Love is no different from other emotions that we experience in our lives: fear, anger, happiness, sadness.  Everyone knows that love can’t be forced, but it can, sometimes, be pushed. While there needs to be some form of spark, from either side, in order for something bigger to come out of it, there are a lot of times either you or the other person completely misses the hints that are going around.

So in order to save yourself from just another awkward crush, here’s how you can take your infatuation to the next level.

You’re welcome, ladies.


1. Take an interest in what they like

Let them know you have similar likes and dislikes. The more you have in common the more you’ll have to talk about. The more you have to talk about, the more time you’ll spend together. And you know how it goes from there.

Source: Hum TV


2. Show him you’re not like the other women in his life

Because there’s a reason she’s the ex and you’re a candidate for being the next. Or if he doesn’t have one, find out what type of women he’s not into and if you’re not like that, then good for you. Buuuut, that doesn’t, in any way, mean that who you are isn’t good enough. Ever. You rock.

Source: Hum TV


3. Don’t EVER be fake

If there’s one thing men hate, it’s when they can see a girl being fake, because honestly, it’s not that hard to tell. And suppose you do manage to fool him for a while, shit is going to go down when the real you starts surfacing (not saying the real you is bad).

Source: deenga.com


4. Understand the person’s psychological needs

Everyone sometimes needs an outlet to break free, down, our out. Be there for him. And he’ll be there for you.

Source: Sony Music India


5. Be there for him

It’s okay if he shows his sensitive side to you, it’s actually a pretty good thing. Emotions don’t make a man weak, they actually show that he’s a strong enough to reveal that side of theirs to you.

Source: Hum TV


6. More eye contact. Lots of eye contact 😉

But no poker faces. No deadpan looks. Preferably look away when he catches you looking at him! (even when someone else is talking to you guys)

Source: deenga.com


7. More physical contact

I’m not saying you jump on the guy, but putting your hand on his arm, slightly nudging him, or just standing with your arm touching his. It’s literally the little things that go a long way. Besides, hormones.

Source: deenga.com


8. Smile more

There’s nothing worse than a sarrial. But if you just randomly smile at him, from time to time, he’ll know he’s welcome around you and that you’re the reason behind his smile.

Source: deenga.com


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9. Mother him, but not all the time, please

Fine, the Oedipus complex does exist but nobody wants to imagine their mothers when they’re with you.

Source: deenga.com


10. Don’t play too hard to get

…initially, once you know he’s into you, then you can play as hard to get as you want to.

Source: deenga.com


11. Mimic his body language

But don’t go around scratching your crotch or something. Please. Public safety announcement.

Source: Zee Music


12. Show off your good traits

One by one. If you empty your arsenal all at one time, that just makes you look like Mother Teresa (and that’s the wrong kind of mother you’d want to project yourself as)

Source: Eros Now


13. Smell nice, please

You want him to be holding you, not his nose.

Source: deenga.com


14. Don’t always be available

Or you’ll just start being taken for granted, and that’s the worst feeling on earth.

Source: deenga.com


15. Ghalti sey bhi bhai nahi bolna

Because nothing drives them men away like being called Bhai does. So don’t.

Source: deenga.com


Now, go and practice your newly acquired bae-making skills on your crush.

Cover image via Twitter/haabeez_fc

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