14 Times Having A Crush Was Awkward AF For You

14 Times Having A Crush Was Awkward AF For You

Let’s just agree 2016 was a very shitty year in terms of everybody’s love life, discounting all the folks that signed up for some halal sex and a lifestyle of ghar ki gol rotis (lucky you). There were heartbreaks with some of your celebrity crushes simply dropping dead and the world basically just went to hell. 2017 is upon us and so,let us continue to strive for love and companionship. Aakhir aglay December tak abhi bhi time hay 😉

With that being said, let’s reflect on some of the things you shouldn’t say OR DO this year in front of or around your crush (or potential crush):

1. This tried and tested subliminal packaging of the word, “Acha”:


2. This moment of sheer “drama mama”:


3. This unbelievably ~smooth~ dropping of HINTS. 💍


4. This instance when you absolutely CANNOT afford the classic “slip of the tongue”


5. Annoying AF harkatein by your friends that make it ALL THE MORE obvious:


6. 🤐


7. When you’re trying so hard to impress them and fall FLAT on your face:


8. When you’re finding it hard to think of some “common interests”:


9. When you didn’t realize you’re basically a pedo:


10. When your crush has LEGIT no taste:


11. When you got tired of all the hints he’s missed so basically JUST PUT IT ALL OUT THERE:


12. When you don’t double check your texts and fall prey to Autocorrect disasters:


13. When all you use a pick-up line that’s just SO BAD:

14. And when all try your best and you don’t succeed:


Guess you can try your luck NEXT YEAR 😭😭😭

Cover image via: tune.pk

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