15 Times Pakistani Girls Gave You A Hint And You Missed

15 Times Pakistani Girls Gave You A Hint And You Missed

15 Times Pakistani Girls Gave You A Hint And You Missed

Regardless of how much you support women empowerment, when it comes to mating, most men dig for the nice, meek and subtle type. It’s still a taboo for a woman to ask a man out. Ideally women are supposed to flutter their eyelashes and wait for the significant other to “organically” develop feelings. Hence there is a lot of beating around the bush that takes place.

But here are a list of things girls do to get the wanted attention. This will probably help all you clueless Pakistani men to pay attention to your interactions with the opposite gender.


1. Uploads thought provoking statuses

Two hours after you became friends on Facebook, she updates this insanely deep status, which makes you question life. Fact is, it’s her way of grabbing your attention. If you like or comment on it then get ready for a train of similar posts.

Deep status


2. Pretends to feel cold

Ever wondered why it’s fashionable for women to wear shaffon in winter but men suit up year round? Blame all those romantic novels and movies but this surely is a move women make to appeal to men’s more protective side. Especially at weddings where wearing thin clothes is acceptable regardless of God’s punishing cold outside.

Source: Tumblr


3. Makes friends with people in your family

She knows your entire family better than you and they love her back. It’s crazy how you are replaced within a month of introducing her to them. She has smartly made your survival in your own house dependent on her. That’s a classic move, she’s a keeper, boys.

Source: Tumblr


4. She’s always showing off herself to you seeking compliments

She looks like a goddess in those perfectly made hair but complains how it’s all messed up or how her makeup is all wrong and that her clothes make her look fat when clearly it’s not a problem. She is looking for your approval, dummy.

Source: Tumblr


5. She constantly lectures you on how to get life in order

She would have written your life line had it been up to her. She really wants you to understand how serious life is because she has started getting rishtay and she wants you to be in proper shape when she tells her parents about you.

Source: Tumblr


6. She constantly complains how hard it is to find the right guy

She always complains how impossible it is to find a guy to love and laugh with. It may cross your mind “main bhi toh hoon” but you will never act on it because you think she wouldn’t have said that if she thought of you as other than a friend. But idiot, she said it exactly so you could act on it!

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7. Mentions how much she wants to watch this movie but none of her friends are interested

She will tell you about that new Shahrukh Khan movie that she really, really wants to watch but no one can go with her. She is trying to hint that you should ditch your plan with the boyziz to watch the latest macho superhero film and go watch the romantic drama with her instead.

Source: Tumblr


8. She occasionally runs into conveyance issues and calls you

If you can recall the lady friend of yours calling you or texting you more than once in the recent past with a conveyance issue asking you to pick her up if you’re nearby, well she probably doesn’t have an issue, she just wants the other girls to see you coming to pick her up.

Source: Tumblr



9. Is perfectly confident otherwise but often becomes awkward around you

While she may be your best friend otherwise, every time you’re dressed up in a dashing suit or it’s cold(pro tip: notice that, the next time) she will start acting weird. It’s a mix between awkward and flirtatious but mostly awkward.


10. Pretends to be clueless about simple tasks

Probably the oldest trick in the book. She doesn’t know how to attach a file in an email so she’ll ask you, she doesn’t know where to open the bonnet of her car she’ll ring you up. And… the most important, the day she shows you her Facebook to help her with adjusting her privacy setting, guys she wants you to be her privacy settings, if you know what we mean 😉

Source: Tumblr


11.  She will call you late at night when she runs into a “technical issue”

That call you get when her WiFi won’t work, yeah that one – it’s a late night booty call. But obviously, that doesn’t work here in Pakistan so both of you have to suffice with the phone flirting.

source: giphy


12. She laughs at your jokes… all of them

Even the most lamest jokes you crack where no one but crickets are the reaction she will be the pioneer of bringing on the giggles.

Source: Tumblr


13. Frequently asks random questions

She will ask you dumb questions and you will tell her “uff tum kitni budhoo ho“. Yeah, she’s not as budhoo she just loves that routine because she likes that it is an ego massage for you.

source: mangobaaz
source: mangobaaz


14. Shows clear disapproval when you’re around other women

She will never find any of your girlfriends worthy enough. She will always find fault with all your crushes and when you two are poondi-ing together she will never have the same choice in girls as you. If only you paid close attention at the girls she picks for you to poondi, she’s picking those that look like her.

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And the biggest sign, guys…


15. She completely freezes in front of you at times

When you can’t decide if she is having a stroke or if there something on your face that it disturbing her, don’t worry she isn’t dying. She was actually just caught daydreaming about you and her and your dozen bachay together and now is embarrassed by that fact.

Source: Tumblr


Boys and girls, to be very honest, it’s about time we stop fretting about “the chase” and work on things that need working. Which is to put an effort in getting to know the person.

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