17 Times People Were Tired Of You Because You're A Sarrial Insaan

By Malaika Tahir | 14 Jan, 2017

You may not realize but you’re a sarrial person if you have ever been in any of these situations with those around you. Shall we find out if you’re sarrial?


1. People around you are always on their tip toes because they’re afraid they might trigger your sarrial attack

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2. You’re in that bad a mood that even you sometimes wonder why you’re sarrial

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3. Sarrial sometimes replaces the name that people call you otherwise

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4. You’ve been told you have a natural resting bitch face 

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5. When you’re not doing anything, you just sit with a bad mood

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6. You take jokes very seriously 

Sometimes even a light hearted joke sets you off.


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7. Your usual response to most things:

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8. Or this:

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9. You have said this on more than one occasion:

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10. Ach…

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11. You don’t care about 99.9% of the things 

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12. People keep asking you why you’re in a bad mood but you’re not, its just who you are

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13. People are very guarded around you and constantly think they did something wrong 

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14. On days when you’re in a good mood, you have surprised people with your sense of humor

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15. You’ve been asked “app haste bhi hain?” on more than one occasion 

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16. Manhoos billi is your spirit animal

You can relate to this cat on so many levels.

Source: india.com


17. But no matter how sarrial you are, dill k bohat achay hain 😉

Bus dunya qadar nahi karti aapk ke genius ki.

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Is this how your sarrial life is like?



Cover image via Six Sigma Plus

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