This Muslim Scholar Just Listed Every Type Of Jinn That Exist And Now I'm Officially Scared Shitless

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Aug, 2019

If a scholar is talking about various types of jinns ya’ll know it’s legit.

Everyone loves a good scary story. But when shit gets real, it starts to get a little uncomfortable. And professor Ali A Olomi who teaches history and specializes in the Middle East and Islam decided to make a thread on the various types of Jinns that inhabit the human world with us.

His thread sparked a vigorous debate in our office with a colleague telling me about what she herself knows about Shiqqs which he mentioned within his thread. Upon further investigation, I learned enough about Shiqqs and further Nasnas to know that I would not be sleeping all week.


And those are just two types of Jinns one must be wary of. According to Olomi, the idea of Jinns and their existence even predates Islam. And he breaks down the various sub-categories.

The first one is what he calls the ‘Marid’, or locally in Pakistan referred to as a ‘Mureed’. A lot of times people think that palmists have a Marid in their control and that is how they know all your information and can ‘predict’ your future.

The next Jinn, of all the types of jinns he listed, is the Ifrit which apparently can shape-shift into animals.

We have all heard that from our elders, right? Don’t be cruel to animals you see since they might be Jinns and exact revenge later on.

Further on, Ghuls haunt cemeteries and eat meat.

Now I am reevaluating every time someone has told me to throw some meat in a cemetery as a way to get rid of any bad juju considering that now I know for sure it’s not for animals…

Then there is the Si’lat which takes the form of a beautiful woman to lure men to have sex with them and procreate with them. Following the Si’lat is the Shiqq which we talked about before as well.

Then there is Hatif, of a type of Jinn is just a disembodied voice and has no physical form.

They mimic the voices of your loved ones. So that story where you hear your mom call you and then immediately hear your mother’s voice again saying it’s not her might have some truth to it after all…

Then there are Qareens which we have talked about previously. TL;DR, everyone has one and it’s like your shadow.

He then talks about the mention of Jinns in Quran and Hadith, and how the idea of their existence is heavily believed in Islam.

Anyway, now that we know there is not one type of Jinn but several, I know I will never know a good night’s sleep again. Which of these types of Jinns freaks you out the most? Let us know in the comments below.


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