I Just Learned About A Type Of Jinn That Reproduces With Humans And Yep, Won't Be Able To Sleep Tonight

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Aug, 2019

So, a type of Jinn that reproduces with humans exists and I guess I won’t be sleeping any time soon.

Some days, you learn something that shakes your core beliefs. Today is one of those days for me. In a conversation with a colleague, I found out that there is a category of Jinn that procreates with humans… and I don’t know how much of that is done willingly on the human’s part.

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We already know that we are not the only beings that inhabit the planet since the mention of Jinns is in religious scriptures as well. But according to scholars, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all that applies to Jinns since there are many types.

There are subcategories that come in when we talk about Jinns. And one of them happens to be called ‘Shiqqs’.

Now Shiqqs are supposed to be very half-formed and thus are quite gruesome in their appearance. Another source talks about Shiqqs as wearing beautiful clothes and having beautiful hair but hiding their face since they do not have much of a face to show in the first place. There’s apparently just a gash for a mouth.

A lot of these descriptions stem from Arabian mythology and a lot of this even pre-dates Islam.

They impregnate women or lure men to have sex with them and then the half-human and half-jinn kids are created and birthed.

And the result of this unholy coupling is just as terrifying! The child birthed from relations between a Shiqq and human is just half… it has one leg, one arm, half a head, and a tail. That’s it.

It is referred to as a Nasnas. Apparently, they are pretty fast and tend to hunt little human children who are out of their homes unaccompanied at the wrong time.

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Apparently, Nasnas cannot speak due to a lack of properly formed vocal cords as they do not have a full body but they can emit high pitched noises which are not any a normal human would make.

According to another source, the Nasnas is mostly found in the Hadramaut region of Yemen where it is hunted for its delicious tasting meat. Honestly, I don’t know which part of this is more surprising and unbelievable.

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But as long as the idea of Jinns having sex with humans and reproducing monstrous creatures with them is in my head, I will not be able to sleep.


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