These Haunted Houses Across Pakistan Will Haunt Your Nightmares So RIP Sleep

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Oct, 2018

It’s spooky season and haunted houses in Pakistan are back in vogue. 

It’s October and globally this month is recognized as one of the ~spookiest~ months in the calendar. The reason being that Halloween falls in this month. While Halloween is a largely Western celebration, the trend has caught on considerably in Pakistan with people throwing Halloween parties and what not.

So what better month to visit a haunted house then Halloween? The weather is nice and you can really give yourself a good scare. And in that spirit, we decided to compile a list of allegedly haunted houses in the country which you can totally visit to give yourself a good scare this spooky season!

1. The Haunted House In Soldier Bazar, Karachi


This house is referred to by locals as the ‘Bhoot Bangla’ and people have allegedly heard screams and cries of people at night coming from inside the house. And apparently, some people even claim they have seen the apparition of a man on the roof who screams for help.

2. A Lone House In Nazimabad, Karachi


There is a house in Nazimabad which is allegedly haunted by the spirits of a couple who was brutally murdered inside of it. A lot of people living nearby claim that they regularly hear their cries even today… this gives me chills.

3. Half Constructed House, Bahria Town, Lahore

Source: Grand Pakistan

You only ever hear about Bahria Town when someone is talking about how glamorous it is. But apparently, there is a house in Bahria Town, Lahore which is only half constructed and haunted. The story goes that a tree on the property houses Djinns and when the tree was cut down, the Djinns, transferred themselves to the half-constructed structure and ever since no one has dared to start construction on the property again.

4. Mohatta Palace, Karachi


While this is definitely not a ‘house’, it was originally always intended to be one. It was built in 1927 as the summer home of a businessman from Rajasthan and now serves as a museum. And museum staff have reported eerie occurrences in the museum such as exhibits being rearranged. Sounds of people having a party have also been recorded but when the staff investigates where the sound is coming from there is nothing to be found. That’s great.

5. House 39-K In P.E.C.H.S, Karachi


The popular story associated with this house is that there is a faint light like that of a candle seen from outside the house yet no one lives there or is ever seen entering. Other than that, people have reported seeing a woman dressed completely in white in the middle of the night.

6. House In T-Block in DHA, Lahore


There are a lot of houses in Lahore’s DHA which are allegedly haunted. But one of the more popular ones is in T-block. Again, people have reported seeing a girl in white clothing walking around the property. What’s with ghosts in Pakistan wearing white all the time?

7. Haunted Hut In Hawkes Bay, Karachi


According to people, the hut is never rented and when it is, whoever is renting it cannot bear to stay the entire night. Legend has it that Djinns hold weddings in the hut every full moon and do not like their wedding venue to be disturbed. Yep. That’s a serious story, guys.

There are tons of haunted houses in Pakistan and this is just a small percentage of them.

Do you know any haunted places in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments.

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