13 Kinds Of Horror Stories That Every Pakistani Grew Up With

By Malaika Tahir | 10 Aug, 2016

You must remember those sleepless nights, where all the cousins, friends or family members gathered together in one room, and shared scary stories. Each person had to share one and every other person in the room listened to those spooky tales attentively. Somewhere along the way however, you realized that all those stories had similar themes. Here is the list of the content of horror stories that every Pakistani can surely relate to:


1. The dulhan who is standing on the road way past midnight, asking for a lift

Source: Tumblr

These stories involved a dulhan who is dressed from head to toe in a laal jora and her face is hidden under her ghoonghat. She is just standing there, in the night, in the middle of the road, asking for a lift and once she does get one, unthinkable things happen.


2. The churail with her feet pointing backwards

Via: Tumblr

This kind of story involved mysteriously beautiful yet creepy looking girls, who young boys get fooled by late at night unless they notice their feet…which are all geometrically wrong. Picchal peri, is what some of you may call them.


3. The type of people who can stretch their arms to turn off lights

Via: imgur.com

Yes, in the land of Pakistani horror stories, such people exist who live the dream life of a lazy Pakistani and we have heard stories involving such people, who live among us as normal human beings, but sometimes out of laziness, they stretch their arms right there in front of you because sometimes they just don’t care. Actually, this sounds more like a dream than a horror story, right?

Ami: Beta paani pilla pilla dou

You: *stretches hand all the way to the kitchen to fetch ami a refreshing glass of water*


4. Jinns love that Chanel perfume just as much as you do

Source: Blogspot

Ever had elders strictly tell you not to wear perfume, because jinns dig that stuff. Kabhi jao darkht k neechay, khushboo laga kay. So many horror stories revolved around people, who did that mistake, they sprinkled themselves with a strong perfume  and walked outside at night, out in the open, ready for the unknown to follow their scent and then do unthinkable things to them.


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5. Jinns love to attack when you’re chilling under a tree in the evening or at night

Source: giphy.com

That’s why no Pakistani will ever wander at night even now, fearing the unknown, lurking under those trees at night due to the countless stories you heard of people who got the taste of the darkness and fear, right there under a tree.


6. Jinns who live in houses

Via: Tumblr

Maybe it really wasn’t your brother who ate your leftover pizza from the fridge?


7. Witches love wearing ghungroo

Source: T-Series/Eros International

Nothing can give you a bigger heart attack, than hearing the sound of ghungroos at night because of hearing such stories.


8. When dogs bark too much at night, they’re probably seeing jinns or the dead

Source: weheartit.com

Another reason to skip going to the washroom at night.


Anybody else thinking our horror stories involve a lot of jinns? Well, here’s more:


9. Never figured out why your keys are never in the place you put them in? Jinn’s kids are playing these games with you because they’re bored

Source: makeagif.com

We are glad though, that they are modest. At least they don’t openly ask “Wanna play hide and clap?”


10. Witches wait for you in kabristan

Source: Tumblr

This is another favorite place for them to attack, other than trees and many horror stories revolved around graveyards.


11. When you talk about jinns, they gather around you to listen

Source: REDRUM Films / ARY Films

Even JK. Rowling copied that one from us, jinns should also must-not-be-named. Maybe when you read an article about them…they sense that too? Did you feel that? Was that somebody breathing down your neck?


12. Jinns love a girl’s open hair

Source: Tumblr

Your elders always warned to tie up your hair at night when you’re outside because that’s another weakness for them and people never shied away from telling us stories about girls who made the mistake of flaunting their hair at night for all the jinns to admire.


Now, let’s end on a lighter note, and what better than a love story.


13. Jinns are romantic souls

Source: Paramount Pictures

Insaan tu kabhi aashiq hoye nahi, maybe somewhere out there, all a jinn or jinni does is dream about you.


Do you have any famous desi horror stories to share?

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