This 23-Year-Old Pakistani Just Became The World Champion Of Tekken 7 At The Prestigious Evo 2019

By Sarmad Amer | 5 Aug, 2019

Stand up for the Evo 2019 champion!

We’ve all played Tekken in our childhood but not many have bothered to turn that into a full fledged career. After all, video gaming is now a complete career and then some and there are so many people around the world making millions from being expert gamers.


One Pakistani to have turned their passion into a stunning reward is 23 year old Arslan Ash who just won Evo 2019 and become the world champion in Tekken 7


Evo 2019, the 2019 iteration of the Evolution Championship series, is one of the most prestigious fighting video game events in the world. It is held in Las Vegas every year.


Arslan Ash beat out hundreds of players to take the crown for Tekken 7 at Evo 2019

Arslan first came to the knowledge of top videogamers after he surprised everyone at Evo Japan where he went undefeated and qualified as one of the top finalists for Evo 2019.


Arslan has been receiving praise from all across the video gaming world for his amazing win

Arslan not only became the first Pakistani to win this prestigious video game event he is also the first ever unified Evo champion for winning both, Evo USA as well as Evo Japan events in the same year.


In a recent interview, Arslan discussed his rivalry with another top player, Knee and how the two players now have one of the famous rivalries in the video game world

Evo 2019 had more than 9000 participants and Arslan beating out so many players to become the world champion is nothing short of admirable. We are proud of Arslan for making it to such a prestigious stage and couldn’t be more happy for the young lad for making the country proud.


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