People Think Maya Ali And Sheheryar Munawar Belong Together After Their Latest Interview

By Iman Zia | 5 Aug, 2019

Disclaimer: we aren’t implying Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar are a couple, this piece is all in good humor celebrating their friendship and dream-shipping them because, well they look SO GREAT together!


The people have spoken. Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar’s friendship has grown significantly after shooting for their upcoming Eid release ‘Parey Hut Love.’ The couple has been flaunting their BFF-vibe for quite some time, and for most fans, their growing closeness is a dream come true.

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In a recent interview with Ahsan Khan, Maya confessed that her celebrity crush was Sheheryar.

During Ahsan’s rapid-fire, he asked who the actress’s celebrity crush was, to which Maya turned to Sheheryar. Sheheryar naturally shied away from the answer but couldn’t help blush!

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Maya revealed the first three things she notices when meeting someone is their manner of speaking, what they wear and what kind of perfume they wear.

Ahsan casually glanced over at Sheheryar after her response and we cannot help but LOL at the shade.

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Maya was then asked if, hypothetically Sheheryar was put in jail, what would he be guilty of…

“Too hot to handle,” Maya responded. She then said she loved everything about her co-star, and honestly THIS is a little too cute to handle.

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In Sheheryar’s turn, he confessed that he trusts people too easily, “like Maya.” Both actors admitted this to be their biggest flaw.

Sheheryar also said he thought Maya was the fittest contemporary actress (awwwweeeeeeeeee) and also revealed that she was his favorite Pakistani actress too!!! YOU GUYS!!!

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WE SHIP (as does everybody else if you go through the comments section of the video).

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Here’s the full interview!




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