People Are Attacking Maya Ali For Sharing That Her Father Didn't Speak To Her Due To Her Career Choice

By Noor | 4 Aug, 2019

In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Maya Ali, who’s been promoting her upcoming film, Parey Hut Love, talked about the struggles she had encountered during her journey of being a star. She stated that initially, she had to face A LOT of criticism with comments which included kay isko tau acting he nahe aati. She revealed that now things have changed and people love and value her contributions as an actress.

During this interview, Maya Ali mentioned that her family had strongly disapproved of her career in the entertainment industry

The actress discussed how her decision to pursue acting as a career was strongly rejected by her father who then refused to talk to her for eight years. While talking about those days, she said that her father didn’t even respond to her normal greeting. She further talked about how painful it was to see that her father behave this particular way.

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

Maya asserted that she thinks that her start of career would have been different if she would have had her father by her side

The actress revealed that six months before her father’s death, the bond with her father got normalized. He even prayed that Maya wins the award for the best actress for one of her serials.

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

The actress summed up her experience with her father by giving a beautiful message to all parents. She urged parents to allow their children to choose whatever career path they want to. Moreover, she said that parents should understand their kids’ dreams or else it’ll be too late.

However, it seemed that a majority of the audience was NOT able to grasp the message given by the actress

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

People tried to shame the actress by stating that her career was more important to her than her own family

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

They argued that despite knowing her father’s choice, the actress wronged her father by pursuing the career he had disapproved for her

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

People were adamant to convince the actress that she should have not gone against her father’s wishes

Source: @BBCAsianNetwork/Facebook

Personally, I think it’s extremely messed up that she’s being attacked for something she was brutally honest about. Her agency and choice are important, as are any other individual’s who may decide to pursue their passion. For her to then be attacked over this is unfair.

However, let us know what you think in the comments below.



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