This PTI Politician Just Attacked A Journalist While On A TV Show & Everyone's Really Pissed Off

By Rameeza Ahmad | 26 Jun, 2019

PTI leader Mansoor Sial attacked a journalist and it’s all on tape.

We all know that Pakistani political talk shows get very heated and at times guests on the show get into fist fights because of opposing views. But usually it’s a verbal fight and rarely does it ever get physical.


Now, a PTI leader attacked a journalist on the show because he felt that the journalist was being badtameez

And honestly, that is not reason enough to attack someone. In the video of the fight, the two are in a heated argument with one another; not an unusual occurrence on shows such as these. The two are talking about how they don’t put up with such behavior and that is when Mansoor Sial pushes the journalist out of his seat and then continues to attack him.


The clip angered a lot of people who wanted action taken against the PTI politician immediately


People were incredibly upset at the fact that something like this had happened

Many immediately took to social media to voice their outrage at the incident. After a hue and cry on social media, special assistant to the Prime Minister Naeem-ul-Haque issued a statement on Twitter saying serious disciplinary action would be taken against PTI leader Mansoor Sial who attacked the journalist, Imtiaz Khan.


Others reminded Naeem-ul-Haque of his own past indiscretions on television shows

Clearly Pakistani politicians need a class on how to behave during political talk shows and if for some reason they cannot bear to be seated next to an opposition party or even opposite opinion holder, they should probably opt out of appearing for the talk show. Instead of attacking the other guest and making a fool of themselves and the political party they are associated with.

What do you think of Mansoor Sial attacking journalist Imtiaz Khan on a television show? Let us know in the comments below.


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