PTI & PMN N Supporters Are Fighting Over Calling Each Others' Leaders A Pig And It's Just So Pathetic

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Aug, 2018

 Khanzeer-e-Azam trended all day on Twitter yesterday and people are very confused about who it is for…


Khanzeer translates to pig, so a lot of people are assuming it’s referring to our new Prime Minister

Political trends which attack a certain politician or a political party are very common on Twitter. Usually, it is very clear from the hashtag who it is referring too. And usually the tweets on a hashtag like that are pre-planned so they seem similar in nature.

However, with this trend, there was a big confusion about who it actually is for. There are some who thought it’s for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

And of course, some people were very unhappy about that.

However, some people assumed and attributed the trend to Nawaz Sharif.

And some people were just disgusted that this hashtag actually trended, no matter who it was referring to.

But wait, there’s another contender in the guessing game of who this trend was actually for.

There were ( a very few) people who think this trend was referring to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. This is because of the recent news from the Netherlands, that a right-wing politician is organizing a disrespectful cartoon competition where participants will be asked to draw the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

And since the Dutch government is not taking action against the competition because of free speech, people around the world are upset with them.

But there is no real clarity over who the trend was actually for. Well, whoever or whatever it was started for seems to be redundant at this point because it was taken over by supporters of different political parties and leaders trying to one-up each other on social media.

What do you think about this trend on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.


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