Fawad Chaudhry's Statement About Helicopter Fuel Costs Has Made Every Pakistani Into A Mathematician

By Biya Haq | 29 Aug, 2018

Imran Khan promised us that his government would bring us a Naya Pakistan.

With everything from saving the environment, abolishing VIP culture and working on our education system. However, it seems that in ‘Naya Pakistan, our government isn’t the best at talking about math.


After our Information Minister stated some calculations yesterday in regards to Imran Khan’s helicopter, Pakistanis cannot stop trolling the government.

Like, troll level: Number ONE on Trending.

Via: Twitter

If it crossed Aamir Liaquat, you know it’s bad.


The trouble started when Fawad Chaudhry began defending Imran Khan on his trips to Bani Gala in his helicopter

In a televised conversation, he was seen saying that the actual cost of flying that route was about, Rs. 50-55 per km.

Since then, Mr Chaudhry has defended his own statements, saying that he “Googled the per km cost” in which it took Imran Khan to travel from his accommodation to his residence in Bani Gala. Thus, showing that the minister’s calculations were actually correct.


However, since the news broke of the statement, Pakistanis are being absolutely relentless in regards to making fun of Fawad, Imran and just Naya Pakistan in general.

Including our news channels.

Absolutely savage.


Of course, this includes our lovely folks on Twitter who did not let that stop them by going in with their jokes on the subject.

@Jahangir Tareen.

Also absolutely savage.


There are those who are pointing out that ‘helicopter gate’ is being blown completely out of proportion.

Dr Shahbaz Gill, a business professor in the states pointed out that the cost stated by Chaudry could very well actually be accurate. So though the jokes may be funny and memes viral, there may just be some merit to what the minister was saying.


But other reports show that Imran’s helicopter trips are in fact WAY more costly than most of us thought.

Source: tribune.com.pk


There’s a document circulating that allegedly outlines the costs of a helicopter, clearly stating that it is an expensive investment.

Source: Robinson Helicopter Company

Besides all the jokes and memes, until we receive some kind of official statement from Minister Chaudry or Imran Khan, we’re just gonna leave this here.

Love you.

What did you think of the statement? Of the math calculations? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Cover photo source: Daily Times/ @ImranAliKeerio Via Twitter

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