Naeem Ul Haque Is Back With Another Slap On Live TV And People Don't Really Know What To Think

By Mian | 23 May, 2018

Naeem ul Haque is back and yet with another outburst on live television.

?????? Kya aapko bhi roza lag raha hai? #ramazan #roza #moody

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In case any of you guys haven’t really followed the news, Naeem ul Haque slapped PML-N’s, Daniyal Aziz. The incident that took place on Geo News television has literally sent the entire internet into total meltdown.

Suffice to say, people have had a ton to say on the topic.

Some, couldn’t help but bring up the obvious reason for this madness.

Others, pointed towards Naeem ul Haque’s past record regarding violent outbursts as well, making this slap not SO much of a surprise.

Some are even having fun at the expense of the unfortunate incident.

Lol, kind of funny.

While others have been simply showing their distaste regarding the entire incident even though they don’t necessarily love PML N or Daniyal Aziz.

The PTI fanboys obviously think that the slap was not uncalled for since Daniyal is the one who escalated the situation with his remarks regarding PTI leaders being “chors“. But that’s politics, not much we can say or do about it.

But to end on a sweeter note, thanks to the Internet, there have obviously been some video edits of the incident. #ThugLife


Later last night Mr. Naeem ul Haque also issued an “apology”, if that is what you can call this.

Honestly, the tweet showed little remorse regarding the incident, and everyone noticed.

Source: Facebook via Jasir Shahbaz

Finally, the one question that is now on the minds of everyone remains …

Source: Youtube via Giphy


What do you think of the slap? Was it funny? Predictable? Are you hungry out of your minds and can’t answer any of these questions? Fair enough. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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