This Chinese Embassy Official Just Threw Major Shade At America After Huawei Was Banned By Google

By Biya Haq | 21 May, 2019

The ultimate phone showdown.

Okay, so you may be seeing Huawei news all over social media, lately.

Source: Android Central

Why? Because, as of recent, Google has pulled Huawei’s license thanks to an executive order made by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Currently, a trade war is going on between the United States and China. Trump, wants China off of US networks and taking away the license from Huawei ensures that Android users can no longer use Google apps on their phones.

Basically, Trump is punishing a ton of Huawei users all over the world for his own personal political agenda. Surprise, surprise. So as you may have guessed and noticed, people all over the world seem to be pretty pissed off about it.

Lol, including one of our own…

The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan just went OFF on Trump in a savage ass tweet.

Lmao, look at that Huawei phone GO.

Lijian Zhao may have been a little heated while drafting out this tweet but honestly, he was on to something and the proof is in the pudding. Just take a look at that video. iPhones are great and all and as an Apple user myself, I have to admit that while the devices are incredible, 50% of the reason I buy the brand is because of habit.

Clearly, someone more focused on quality can easily see through this tweet that Huawei can very well be a strong contender and even a strong replacement for the iPhone. Trump may have just unknowingly given way to an international campaign for the benefit of Huawei.

Lmao, and now, people all over the world are choosing Huawei over Apple.

And clearly, Pakistanis are on board.

People are even convinced that Huawei will have the last laugh.

And honestly, with the way things are going and with a promised back-up software ready to go, it doesn’t seem like such a far-off thing.

Now to break it down, Google has ensured that at the moment, Android users seem to be safe.

However, for phones and devices releasing in the future, Huawei users will not have access to Google Play, Maps and the Gmail app, which absolutely blows. The company does allegedly have a backup software ready for a situation like this and will provide it when necessary, however, obviously, the service will be different than what Android users are already used to.

The fact that Trump has made the executive order is absolutely absurd. Phones do not just pertain to the area code, anymore. These are global devices that users all over the world have the liberty to choose from without having to worry about geopolitical trade wars Presidential orders.

China itself is capable of vast technological progression and truly, if the shoe happens to be on the other foot, the Chinese can cripple the US economy in a blink of an eye compared to what the US can do. Huawei users aren’t just based in China and it seems to us that in a couple of days, we may just see how big that market really is.

Have you heard the news? Are you an iOS user or Android? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Love you.

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Cover photo source: CNET/Lijian Zhao Via Twitter

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