So, KFC Just Started Selling These Smartphones And It's Pretty WTF

By Ather Ahmed | 16 Jul, 2017

So Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) just came out with its own line of android powered smart phones

Source: Cdn

I know, crazy right? It’s like if McDonalds one day came out with its own line of television sets. Or how about Naz Pan masala coming out with its high-end fashion line?

The phones are being developed in collaboration with Huawei as part of a new promotional campaign

Source: cdn

Well basically it’s your normal Huawei 7 Plus models in red with an image of Col Sanders on the back

Source: The Verge

The mobile phone has a built in KFC app  (yes you heard that right. There’s an actual app for KFC). The built-in app also has 100,000 KFC virtual credits (not sure what the exchange rate it. But I am guessing that’s a shit load of chicken). Additionally, the phone gives customers access to K-music. K-Music is a KFC jukebox function. Ok…now I am lost. The Chinese sure do take their KFC seriously.

Now before you rush to the nearest KFC and embarrass yourself by demanding a phone, this only applies to China

Well with CPEC coming into full force I mean this could be a reality in Pakistan. Finger ‘Lickin’ Cross? ( Ok now I am just embarrassing myself).

Right now around 5000 phones are available for sale. Chinese customers can procure these phones through the KFC app. KFC members (once again I am stumped. Apparently it’s a whole fraternity ) can also purchase the phones through Alibaba’s Tmall store.

So why launch this phone?

It’s basically both KFC and Huawei celebrating their 30th anniversary in China. Both these companies began their operations in China back in 1987. KFC opened its first outlet in China at Tiananmen Square, meanwhile, Huawei started its operations in Shenzhen Industrial Park.

Obviously, people across the globe couldn’t fathom the idea of KFC selling smartphones

What’s your take on this?

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