This 13 Year Old Pakistani Has Become The Youngest Google Certified Android Developer In The World

By Kashaf | 27 Nov, 2017

Pakistan is home to a great deal of talent. The youth of our country have achieved recognition worldwide and have attained global success. Pakistani children have demonstrated that age definitely does not define the greatness a person can achieve in their life.


Whether it be technology, sports, or education – Pakistani youngsters have proven that their creative flair and knowledge exceeds expectations.



And 13-Year-Old Rayyan just proves he’s a child genius too

According to reports, Muhammad Rayyan Siddiqui, has recently become the youngest Google certified associate Android developer in the world.

source: Developing Pakistan/ Facebook


Rayyan Siddiqui is not your average 13-year-old.

While most teenage boys spend their days glued to their phones, playing video games, or are out scraping their knees – Rayyan decided to take the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam.



Not only did he pass the exam with flying colors, he became one of the youngest in the world to do so.

The minimum age to take the exam is 13 and Google has let Rayyan know that he will be the youngest Associate Android Developer Alumni, as previously there has been no alumni under 18.

via tumblr

An associate Android developer certificate basically means that you’re competent and skilled in all the tasks that a developer typically performs. Now that Rayyan has completed the first step towards mastering Android development, we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.

Our youth is the pride and joy of our country so we should be sure to encourage them to follow their dreams. Rayyan has made Pakistan very proud and we wish him all the best for his future.


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