This 13 Year Old YouTuber From Lahore Is Proud To Be ‘Middle Class' & He's Exactly The Inspiration You & I Need

By Rameeza Ahmad | 29 Jun, 2020

13 year old YouTuber from Lahore, Usman Rafique is a middle class inspiration

Usman Rafique is a 13 year old boy with a lot of creativity and talent. He started his channel in February 2019 and has been uploading videos frequently ever since. Usman set out to make a YouTube channel which featured content that he wished was made for him. So essentially, he saw a gap in the content market and decided to fill it himself!


The 13 year old YouTuber from Lahore is proud to showcase his middle class life

Usman’s videos are well thought out and nicely edited. Most of the content is about his daily life. His most popular video is of Usman showing everyone his government school. He and his friends talk about the positives of the school being low fees and free books.

However, Usman isn’t entirely uncritical, the description for the video contains a long paragraph about the disparity between public and private school education and how it is lacking!

Other videos Usman often makes are of him cooking which honestly are a treat! Not often do you see young Pakistani boys happily mixing up ingredients and making meals for their entire family!


So what started Usman on his YouTube journey and how did he become the young YouTuber from Lahore who’s also the voice of the middle class children of Pakistan? Well, we talked to him to find out exactly this!

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Usman talks about how he was watching a vlog by Casey Neistat and asked his friend Kabir (who is frequently featured on his channel) if he thought that Usman could make a similar video, his friend immediately said no and Usman vowed that he would indeed make a video similar to Casey’s!

He then asked his older cousin the same question, the cousin replied that Usman could indeed make a video similar to Casey’s and that was that! Usman started his own YouTube channel and with the help of his cousin who lent Usman his phone to make videos, helped him edit and upload, Usman was well on his way to becoming a YouTuber.

Now Usman edits the videos himself on his cousins phone since he is too young to have his own phone. Usman said in his family, his cousin is the most supportive regarding his YouTube channel. His parents support him too but since both of them are usually busy they don’t focus on it as much.

His favorite YouTube is Mooroo, he says he enjoys Mooroo’s content because it is well made and Mooroo caters to every age group; from young kids to elders! And he would love to meet Mooroo one day (so Mooroo, if you’re reading this, give Usman a shoutout!).


Usman hopes to gain more subscribers and continue making good videos showcasing his life as a YouTuber from Lahore with middle class values that are absolutely adorable


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