Beauty Vloggers You Need To Follow ASAP If You Want To Up Your Makeup Game

By Malaika Tahir | 24 Dec, 2016

Everyone loves to be all dolled up and pwetty pwetty but not all of you can manage the money or time to attend those classes for grooming and makeup and whatnot. That’s where these divas come in.

These beauties regularly upload videos to teach you the art of makeup with magical makeup hacks and different looks to make your evenings all the more glamorous. I’ve selected them not only on how amazing they are at makeup skills but also on how similar their skin tones are to our desi brown skin.

So here are the Beauty Vloggers that every girl who wants to up her makeup game should definitely subscribe to:


Kaushal Beauty


She breaks down complicated makeup techniques to simpler and detailed tutorials. Most of us can definitely buy the products she recommends and uses because of her stunning desi complexion. She has covered every kind of look there is; natural, shaadi, party, everyday makeup look and many others.


Carli Bybel 


She offers absolutely amazing makeup tutorials that every girl who wants to learn the art of perfect makeup should definitely check out.


Huda Beauty 


Not only does she have an internationally acclaimed makeup line of her own (whose liquid lipsticks are an absolute treat), she also uploads makeup tutorials to spread the extensive knowledge she has of makeup, among her fans.


Rumena Begum

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She not only reviews all kinds of different hair, skin and makeup products, she also shares with her followers which ones she thinks are the absolute best. Along with flawless makeup tutorials, she also shares her outfit looks with her followers.


Chloe Morello


She knows how to balance out between simple natural looking makeup looks and dolled up full on glam party makeup looks. Her tutorials are extremely helpful and detailed, and she experiments with all kinds of amazing looks so you girls have a lot to choose from.


Farah Dhukai 


Not only her complexion is to die for, she is also super amazing at makeup. She also shares awesome home remedies for hair and skin.


Nabela Noor 

She knows how to improvise makeup products (she used a liquid lipstick for color correcting and pulled it off like a queen!). Her channel’s only be full of amazing makeup tutorials, but quick and awesome recipes, DIYs and gift ideas.




Amena not only teaches how to perfect your makeup skills, she also teaches how to wrap your Hijab. She rocks her hijab and makeup both, its definitely worth checking her channel out.


Who are your favorite beauty vloggers?

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