These Pakistani Artists Are One Of The Best Things About 2016

These Pakistani Artists Are One Of The Best Things About 2016

As the year wraps up and we suddenly become nostalgic for all the good times while forgetting all the bad, there are some unsung Pakistani artists that DEMAND appreciation. You know why? Doctor aur engineering ke siva kuch aur bhi kerna aik bohot barra jihad hay.

Here’s a bunch of Pakistani artists that were pretty much the best thing about 2016:

Zain Naqvi

As an illustrator and designer, Zain Naqvi’s work is an amalgamation of investigational storytelling and immediate retort to current events.


Jibran Shahid

Source: JSK Atelier Via: Facebook

A study in surrealism, Jibran enjoys probing into the undercurrents of human psyche.


Ayesha Sohail

Source: Ayesha Sohail Iftikhar Via: Facebook

Some pencil and charcoal and a whole lot of magic.


Samya Arif

Source: Samya Arif Via: Facebook

Samya’s pop art bursts with colors and screams of feminism. It’s an intense labor of love, you can’t help but gape in awe.


Babrus Khan

I'm enjoying this xD #work #animation

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As the youngest art director in Pakistan, he is fondly known as “Babman”. His digital art comprises of manga, anime, line art and a wholesome dosage of superhero action.


Raza Bukhari

Source: Raza Bukhari Via: Facebook

Carrying a strong inspiration from mythology and history in every stroke, Raza pieces take you back to simpler times.


Sanki King

Based in Karachi, he pioneers in graffiti art, calligraphy and sticker art. Hit him up if you want some dope custom art on your new pair of sneakers.


Osama Khan


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Art installations, sculptures, oil canvases, sketch work and murals are strewn in between fun Musicly-es, spot-on Dubsmash videos and just a whole lot of personality.


Sadqain’s practice revolves around the human body and the limitations of its movements. His recent work also includes live and performative practices.

Shumyle Haider

Shumyle dips his toes into hand-lettering, typography, illustrations and design. His gallery is a non-stop typeface galore.


Hassan Shah Gillani 

The multitalented Gilani HS trades in pencil works that explore the human figure, pen works that are abstract in nature while also indulging in photography as a medium of exploration. To top that off, he’s been dj-ing for six years.


S. M. Raza

Raza is no stranger to limelight: having lent a hand in Pakistan’s first animated movie “3 Bahadur” among many high profile projects, he’s a master of digital art, wall murals and occasional sculpting. His more nutty endeavors include using everyday objects like soap and lentils to make quirky art.



Red Bull Canvas Cooler has brought all these incredibly gifted artists under one platform: the concept is super cool. Curated by Zain Naqvi, each of them gets to design a Red Bull cooler to showcase their creative license. #canvascoolerpk

Source: Red Bull Pakistan

Imagine: 12 artists busting their creative juices to bring you cubed coolers reworked into pieces of art – a fairly unconventional medium, don’t you say? The complete collection will be on public display on the 18th of December at the Riots Studio in Lahore before each cooler finds its permanent home in carefully selected cafés, restaurants, hotels and other prominent locations around Pakistan.

Lahore, what are you waiting for?


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