Are Urwa And Farhan Trying To Steal The Title For The Longest Pakistani Wedding?

By Sarah Babar | 16 Dec, 2016

 STOP: Before we begin, if you don’t know about the longest Pakistani wedding, read this 

Pakistani weddings have somehow become a show and tell for all the money that you have. Like the time a certain famous wedding spent a whole “bucketload” of cash on their big fat Pakistani wedding, and made every other wedding seem so… boring.


But there’s a new couple who are trying to compete with that one

Even if it’s just for how long they can stretch the events for the shaadi. Urwa and Farhan’s shaadi events have been going on and on and on and on… on Insta for SO LONG now that we wonder if they’re exceeding the standard set by our ‘longest Pakistani wedding’.


Let’s investigate, shall we:


They made things “official” with their widely talked about engagement

Technically the shaadi celebrations have been going on since July when the couple went on holiday in France and Farhan proposed to Urwa in possibly the most romantic place in the world. But they announced it late so we’ll take their word for it (not).


The Udaari couple has been making appearances all over ever since they announced their engagement

Me & Mine ! ❤️✨ @farhan_saeed #QHBCW @umshabyuzmababar

A photo posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on

Two hearts in sync , singing as one ! ? @farhan_saeed #Highlights ✨

A video posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on


Then came the celebrations, and celebrations they were.

? ? ?

Edible invitations cards? YASSS.

The best invitation I v ever received! Much love for both of you @happy wedding #urwa#farhansaeed#wedding#fun#uddari

A photo posted by Ahsan Khan (@khanahsanofficial) on


Then came the ultimate question: In Ka Hashtag Kya Ho Ga?

Here’s a few suggestions for Farhan and Urwa that have made their appearances in the wild:



Aao #WaHan challein



But that just sounds like Udaari…

Then this angel came and saved us all the mental labor

That’s one weird sounding hashtag, tbh (we still kinda like #Munush better)


Where there is a bride, there’s a bridal shower

And we weren’t disappointed:


And the dholkiiiiii

Dholkis now have become mini-mehndis in themselves. While a certain other bride took her attendees to Istanbul for the rest of the events, Urwa and co. are rocking out in Lahore.

#urwa #urwahocane #hocanesisters @urwatistic #udaari #meera #mawra #mawrahocane @mawrellous #farhan #farhansaeed

A photo posted by Saira (@maya_nida_zna_urwa_sanam_meena) on


After dholki


Now this came at the same time as this (adding to the festivities):



And the couple even sang on their dholki now that both of them are singers too.

First dholki Farhan and urwa Blessings of the New couple #urwa #farhan #lovebirds #urwafarhan??

A video posted by lollywood VS bollywood (@lolly__bolly__wood) on


So earlier today the two said Qubool Hai


And now that they’re officially married and we wonder if Farhan is Mr. Caeed now


And what a beautiful, happy couple they look MashAllah


Urwa’s siblings were also present to mark the certainly joyous occasion for the family


We’re expecting a lot from this shaadi including celebrities, bloopers and a lot of fun!

From their co-stars to best friends, everyone is expected to be there

My Rangreza ! ❤️⚡ @ashrafbilal #nextup #pakistanicinema

A photo posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on

Director saab aur unn k adakaar ?! #UDAARI coming soon on #Humtv

A photo posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on

And they’re already in celebratory mood in the post-nikaah brunch


Let’s hope the couple stays as happy as they are now.

When in Paris: Mandatory Selfie part 2 ! ❤️ @farhan_saeed #europetrip2016 #travelgram ✨??✈️

A photo posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on


And we can’t wait to see if they’re going to take the crown for the longest Pakistani wedding, or not.

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