The Viral Pyaara Chai Wala Arshad Khan Is Back At A Dhaaba As A Chai Wala But He Still Has Big Dreams

By Noor | 12 Sep, 2019

Arshad chai wala has come full circle


Remember the viral pyaara chai wala?

Almost two years ago an image of him went viral and since then Arshad chai wala became an overnight celebrity.


After his world famous photograph surfaced, Arshad became a model and actor

He worked as a fruit seller before he started to serve garam garam chai. He has 17 siblings and he belongs to Mardan. Jiah Ali, a photographer from Islamabad, captured some perfect shots of him and in a few days, his snaps were all over the internet. The audience just fell in love with this chai wala who was later able to bag a lot of acting/modeling opportunities in showbiz.

Source: Azeem Sani


Now our pyaara chai wala resurfaced and he’s back to how he became famous – selling chai

Arshad appeared on the morning show Naya Din and shared about why he’s back to selling chai despite still having a modeling and acting career. He asserted that making and serving chai is a part of his identity which he can’t let go off.

He also talked about several acting and modeling projects including a film and a chai related song that he’s working on.

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook


Arshad chai wala revealed he has big plans by being back to selling chai

He shared that he plans to give a new meaning to this chai business and will soon work to open a chai cafe of his own. He also said that he needs a good partner to implement his plan of a chai cafe. He further told the hosts that he aims to inaugurate his first chai cafe in Islamabad.

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook

Arshad shared the news that the dhaaba he is working in and the dhaaba he previously worked in, both are not a part of his property and he’s a mere employee so that’s why he plans to open his own chai place so he can sell his own chai.


Upon being asked about the perfect chai’s recipe, Arshad refused to utter a word and stated that it’s a secret 😀

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook


People wished good luck to their favorite chai wala

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook


They were surprised at how Arshad has matured over the years

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook


A majority of the people praised his plans for his future

Source: @NayaDinSamaa/Facebook


You can watch Arshad’s full interview here:

Are you impressed by the new plans of your favorite chai wala? Let us know in the comments below.


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