18 Pakistani Guys Who're Totally Tharki Over This Pyaara Chai Wala

By Sarmad Amer | 17 Oct, 2016

The now famous chai wala has been making many people drool over him. Little did MangoBaaz know when we discovered him through Twitter that this one guy will become the top trending topic on social media.

Now that the whole world and their mothers are talking about him, here are the times this chai wala was serving more than just garma garam chai:


1. Like this guy who just went all out and made a declaration


2. But this guy was probably living under a rock


3. So along came Mark bhai


4. There are now comparisons being drawn among this Pakistani dhoodh wala

5. And futures are being predicted for the chai man

6. This guy asks a question we can only hope is true now


7. And this person wants to see if the chai wala has as much zaiqa in his hands as his piercing blue eyes have for tharkis of the interwebs


8. This dude became a poet for our chai guy


9. And this one’s questioning his sexuality

10. “zaalima zarra chai ka cup pharra de


11. And this one wants the chai wala… khushboo laga ke


12. This guy thinks that our chai wala can be the next Krrish

13. And this one has new career goals thanks to our man

14. This guy just put the chai guy on a red carpet


15. And this one wants to compete him on his chai making skills

Bro, who’s measuring fame on that?

16. This person became a desi Plato over our chai man’s looks


17. And this one is getting reeealllly dirty thoughts about him


18. Finally, this dude sums it all up perfectly


The tharak is real, indeed.

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