This Is What Our Pyaara Chai Wala And Mrs. Pakistan 2016 Are Really Doing In Their New Music Video

By Sarah Babar | 27 Dec, 2016

It’s no secret that our pyaara chai wala Arshad Khan is the most recognized face to come out of Pakistan this year.

He has reached heights that regular citizens cannot even fathom. From international recognition to local media going abuzz, all thanks to his decadently good looks.

Source: Javeria Ali


Another face that emerged from Pakistan is Mrs. Pakistan 2016.

Muskan Jay is the first woman to be crowned for the title directly from Pakistan. She’s settled in Karachi with her husband and a baby boy, but she’s originally from Sheikhupura.

Source: Topstars


Now we know you’re wondering what the connection between the two is.




They’re featuring together in a music video

Muskan Jay, a woman of many talents, is shooting her music video in Dubai, and it’s featuring none other than our very own pyaara chai wala. It’s almost like the uncrowned Mr Pakistan is now appearing with Mrs Pakistan 2016.


They’re being featured in all kinds of positions as per publicity shots that are being circulated

When discussing her project, Muskan revealed that the name of the song is Beparwai which is a tribute to legendary singer Noor Jehan. The music of the song is composed by Arbaz Khan and will be released under the banner of Beyond Records.

Source: Muskan Jay


Muskan really is one mommy on fire.

Source: Topstars
Source: Clustereum


Here’s what the internet thinks about this new collaboration


We’re waiting for more news on their project, because we can’t wait! Watch this space for more updates.

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