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Ali Azmat And Strings Finally Battled It Out On Stage But It Was Pakistanis That Actually Won

So, after months of buildup and anticipation two of Pakistan’s biggest musical titans were finally pitted again...

11 Dec, 2018

Answer These Nine Questions To Find Out How Patriotic Are You?

Listen, we’re all patriots here. Pakistan ki mohabbat hamare ang ang mein bharri hai. But there’s always ...

10 Dec, 2018

The Clash Between Ali Azmat And Strings Is Getting Intense And It’s Time You Pick A Side 🎵

Red Bull Music Soundclash is about to kick off which means the battle is on. The ultimate fight between Pop and Rock ...

5 Dec, 2018

Here’s Why The Latest Junoon Song Will Make All 90’s Kids Cry 😭 Happy 😭Tears 😭

Growing up in the 90s was something else, thanks to Junoon giving teenage angst an anthem. The rock band was iconic i...

27 Aug, 2018

OMG, Junoon Is FINALLY Reuniting After 13 Years And It’s Too Much To Handle

For anyone growing up in Pakistan during the 90s, Junoon’s music was very much present in their lives. If you w...

11 Aug, 2018

Salman Ahmed Just Made An Inappropriate Remark About Mastung Blast Victims & People Aren’t Having It AT ALL

Yesterday Pakistan was jolted by the news of the deaths of 128 people in a blast at Mustang. The country had generall...

15 Jul, 2018

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I Got Married Recently And I Hope I Don’t Make These 13 Mistakes When I Become A Mother

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16 Dec, 2018

Imran Khan Shows Up When Searching For ‘Bhikari’ & A Punjab Assembly Resolution Has Allegedly Been File...

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was recently involved in a bit of controversy when his detractors labelle...

16 Dec, 2018

This Young Man Opens Up About His Struggle After He Lost His Brother In The APS Incident And It’s So Heartbreaking

On December 16, 2014, 132 innocent children ranging between the ages of 8 and 18 lost their lives in the aftermath of...

16 Dec, 2018

23 Relatable AF Tweets That’ll Help You Get Through This Azaab-Filled Exam Season

With exam season looming above our heads, some of us have already given up, while others are barely hanging on to the...

16 Dec, 2018

Students From FAST Want To Collect “Donations” For The Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund In The Most Hilarious Way

For this past year, the Diamer Bhasha Dam has been the talk of the town, among other things of course. Efforts to col...

by Noor
15 Dec, 2018

11 Thoughts That Go Through Every Pakistani Guy’s Mind When He Starts Liking A Girl

When it comes to romance, stereotypes dictate that girls overthink everything. Bot honestly, guys do it too. From fee...

15 Dec, 2018