OMG, Junoon Is FINALLY Reuniting After 13 Years And It's Too Much To Handle

By MangoBaaz Studio | 11 Aug, 2018

For anyone growing up in Pakistan during the 90s, Junoon’s music was very much present in their lives. If you were to tell anyone you didn’t know who Junoon was, you would be subjected to looks of bewilderment. Their songs weren’t songs but were instead the anthems of a generation coming up of age.


It was Junoon that made us all fall madly in love with Sufi-Rock music and revolutionized music in South Asia.

Source: Unite Asia

Junoon gave us SayoneeKhudi, Lal Meri Pat, Zamanay Ke Andaz, and so much more for which we’ve never stopped being grateful for it.

If anything, when they parted ways it felt as if we hadn’t just lost a gifted musical trio, but a part of ourselves.


Now, if you’ve been browsing the Internet recently, which I know you have, you may have heard rumors about Junoon reuniting. And, if you’re a huge fan, you may have squealed in joy, hoping that it was true.

Well, it is.


Sooper Brings Back Junoon

This independence day, get ready to bring out the Junoon in you.Coming soon! #SooperHaiPakistanKaJunoon #PeekFreansSooper

Gepostet von Peek Freans Sooper am Freitag, 10. August 2018


It’s actually happening! Look at them in all their glory!

Source: Peek Freans / English Biscuit Manufacturers

Look at Ali Azmat sporting his new look and still looking as ace as he used to back in the days!

Source: Peek Freans / English Biscuit Manufacturers

Brian is still as cute as ever. 

Source: Peek Freans / English Biscuit Manufacturers

Not to forget Salman Ahmed

How could we, with his Twitter activity 😛

Source: Peek Freans / English Biscuit Manufacturers

This is happening as part of Peek Freans Sooper’s new campaign which aimed to unite the people of Pakistan through Junoon’s legendary and inspiring Sufi music.

As Pakistan’s 71st Independence day is coming up, Peek Freans’ campaign “Sooper hai Pakistan ka Junoon” focuses on the belief that Pakistan is indeed a super nation with Junoon brimming within its people. Therefore, they’re giving the people of this country something that has been worth the wait.

Source: Peek Freans / English Biscuit Manufacturers

According to EBM’s Head of Marketing, Ayesha Janjua:

“The reunion of Junoon is a pivotal moment in history and the role of EBM in making this happen truly embodies the spirit of the nation’s favorite brand, Peek Freans Sooper. In the years to come, Sooper will continue to be the positive voice that inspires millions of Pakistanis.”

Salman Ahmad even tweeted about it. And we’re here for it, tbh.

And honestly, people are super excited, too. 

Source: Peek Freans Sooper / Facebook

Some still can’t believe that it’s true.

Source: Peek Freans Sooper / Facebook

But yeah, we get it. We all have wanted to witness this since over a decade…

Source: Peek Freans Sooper / Facebook

…and dreams do come true!

Source: Peek Freans Sooper / Facebook

Are you excited about the reunion of the decade? Let us know in the comments!

This post is sponsored by Peek Freans Sooper

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