This Comedian From Karachi Is Facing Death Threats After Her Stand-Up Offended The Sindhi Community

This comedian from Karachi has angered her own. Having a sense of humor in a time of crisis is a tactic that has help...

21 Aug, 2018

Teachers Across Pakistani Universities Are Protesting Against Suppression Of Critical Thinking And Free Speech

Pakistani universities are rarely ranked among the world’s best institutions for critical discourse and intelle...

17 Apr, 2018

A Social Activist From Lahore Suddenly Went Missing And His Friends Are Looking For Answers

Raza Mehmood Khan is a peace and civil society activist based in Lahore. He has been reportedly missing since Sunday ...

6 Dec, 2017

This Powerful Video Is Perfectly Redefining What Azaadi Truly Means For Our Women

Every 14th August, when the country is decked from head to toe in green – when the countrymen don their finest ...

14 Aug, 2017

Pakistan’s Savior Of Internet Freedom Has Become A TED Fellow And We Couldn’t Be More Proud

TED is a world renowned platform and becoming a TED Fellow is nothing short of a humongous achievement. We’re s...

24 May, 2017

My Faith In Pakistan Is Shaking, Thanks To Asia Bibi

Editor’s note: The views expressed here are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or ref...

13 Oct, 2016

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