A Social Activist From Lahore Suddenly Went Missing And His Friends Are Looking For Answers

By Alveena Jadoon | 6 Dec, 2017

Raza Mehmood Khan is a peace and civil society activist based in Lahore. He has been reportedly missing since Sunday evening and the mysterious circumstances of his disappearance has caused panic among his social circle.

“He hasn’t been heard from since he left home on Sunday”, his friend Rahim ul Haq has been reported as saying.

Raza’s brother, Hamid Nasir Mehmood, has filed an application for his brother’s mysterious disappearance and has urged relevant authorities to recover him

He requested the Station House Officer (SHO) in Lahore’s Naseerabad Police Station, particularly, to look into the matter because the family is absolutely devastated because of the disappearance.

Via: Twitter

“My brother’s cell phone was switched off on December 2, after which I visited his home but he was not in his room. My brother has been abducted by an unidentified man, for unknown reasons.” Hamid Nasir Mehmood told the media.

Khan’s family reported he had been missing since Saturday. No one has been accused in the report. We’re investigating”, Shahzad Raza a police officer attached to the case told Reuters.


This is the application filed by Raza’s brother at Naseerabad Police Station in Lahore

Source: tribune.com.pk

Raza Mehmood Khan is an active member of Aaghaz e Dosti – an initiative which works towards improving ties between India and Pakistan.


Those who know Raza, claim that he was last seen in a heated debate, organized at a platform that he managed, about the recent Faizabad dharna

In this debate, he was very critical of the country’s military and the intelligence agencies. His Facebook posts reflect the same opinion as well. Several of his friends believe that the disappearance must be a link to his views.

Bloggers have gone missing in Pakistan before as well this year and after release, some claimed that the country’s intelligence agencies were involved.


Social media users, human rights groups and activists are all taking over online and offline spaces to protest against the disappearance


People from across the border are also praying for his safe return


There is a petition addressed to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, seeking the recovery of Raza Mehmood Khan


People who have worked with him are urging everyone to join in their effort to find Raza and get him safely, back

People who talk about peace and unity and acceptance should not go missing, here’s hoping that dissenting voices are not silenced and that there’s nothing serious about this incident, leading to a peaceful recovery of the activist involved.

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