Pakistan's Savior Of Internet Freedom Has Become A TED Fellow And We Couldn't Be More Proud

By Hurmat Riaz | 24 May, 2017

TED is a world renowned platform and becoming a TED Fellow is nothing short of a humongous achievement. We’re so proud that Nighat Dad who is a champion of people’s rights (particularly women) on the internet has been nominated as the latest TED Fellow.


Being protected against state and non-state oppression, online is something that we still haven’t achieved fully and successfully.

Source: Reuters / Faisal Mahmood

Most of the people on the internet don’t even have an idea that they have rights that protect them on the internet against all kinds of oppression. Pakistanis don’t even have full access to their rights as humans little would they know about their digital rights.


But Nighat Dad is a name who’s trying hard to protect people’s freedom over the internet by educating them about their rights

With her organization, Digital Rights Foundation, she has been able to conduct various seminars and workshops on cyber harassment and been able to educate women on protecting themselves and standing against cyber bullying and violence by conducting campaigns like ‘Humara Internet’. Digital Rights Foundation has also got a helpline service which the victims can use to help themselves if they’re facing cyber harassment.



Due to Nighat’s initiative, she has been selected as a TED Fellow

Nighat Dad, Director at Digital Rights Foundation at her office in Lahore, Pakistan April 6, 2015. Photo by Insiya Syed for TIME

Nighat has been selected as one of the fellows for 2017 in their fellowship program which is a platform that brings brilliant minds together to collaborate and share their projects and ideas that can change the world.


Previously Nighat won the prestigious Human Rights Tulip Award for her hard work and dedication for Pakistanis



Pakistanis who have been TED fellows previously include the likes of two-time Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Usman Riaz



Nighat Dad will be delivering a talk at TEDGlobal which is going to happen this year in August in Tanzania.

Through TED Fellowship, the participants are able to showcase their work and get mentored on it by senior fellows. We are proud that Nighat will be representing Pakistan at the TED stage where people from all across the world share their ideas that are worth spreading.


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