This Powerful Video Is Perfectly Redefining What Azaadi Truly Means For Our Women

By MangoBaaz Studio | 14 Aug, 2017

Every 14th August, when the country is decked from head to toe in green – when the countrymen don their finest garbs and head out to chant “Pakistan Zindabad!” with immense fervor – we sometimes look over what azaadi truly means.

What is azaadi to you?

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

Is it the freedom to practice your religion without the fear of your place of worship being torched? Does the word freedom find roots in the ability to be yourself unabashedly – even if you are riddled with flaws? Is freedom – independence – something abstract altogether? What do you tether your freedom to?

Now, what if these questions were directed to the women in our society?

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

What if we asked the women who can’t wear what they like about azaadi? Whether they’re oppressed by their peers when they step out in burqas or slut-shamed by society when they step out in jeans – where is their azaadi? When we modulate their tones, dictate their postures, decide their futures and overlook their consent – do we take away their azaadi? 

This Pakistani ad seems to offer some insight into what freedom could and should mean for our women:


Azadi hoti kya hai? #AzadiMeraLibaas #BonanzaSatrangi #70Yearsofindependence

Posted by Bonanza.Satrangi on Freitag, 11. August 2017

The video, done by Bonanza, takes instances where women otherwise feel unsafe or constricted and celebrates the freedom women can possibly have within them.

Whether it’s in an elevator filled with men…

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

…on their rooftops, dancing freely without judgment… 

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

…traveling in a libaas they’re proud of…

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

…or simply being their carefree selves…

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

…women must celebrate every facet of themselves with complete and utter freedom.

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

Their azaadi is just as important as anyone else’s. 

Source: Bonanza Satrangi

This Independence Day, let us keep this powerful message in mind and try to remember that occasionally, we might be taking away the azaadi we seek to celebrate. Freedom is for all. 70 years after our existence, let us finally begin to practice this concept.

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image: Bonanza Satrangi

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