This Story About A Baby Found In a Graveyard Shows The True Spirit Of Ramazan

By Haadia Paracha | 9 Jun, 2016

Ramazan is a month for accruing countless blessings, praying, being thankful and celebrating the Muslim brotherhood, all over.

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Or is it?


In Pakistan, people tend to change during Ramazan

Sometimes it’s for the better


Like the time Veena Malik did astaghfaar and ended up changing her career, altogether giving the awaam a break from her disastrous antics.


And sometimes, it’s not so good


Guess, the less said about the angelic things happening in this picture, the better.


Yesterday, @KhizM tweeted about her favorite Ramazan story of how a baby that was found in a graveyard years ago ended up getting adopted, in a classic fairy-tale of “rags to riches”.

“Our families were friends & my khala was friends with their daughter. One Ramazan, 30yrs ago, they were strolling. There is a cemetery there. As the young women strolled past the neighborhood cemetery, accompanied by the family help, they heard a baby crying. They searched for it.”


“It was decided that (Uncle) Muhammad Ali would get involved since any of the younger men would just get bullied into confessing paternity. The baby was taken to police & through proper supervised proceedings, was handed over to a shelter/orphanage. No one claimed him. Details hazy but, post few months, a foreign dignitary was visiting & made a courtesy trip to the orphanage. The baby’s story was retold. Verified by Mr Muhammad Ali’s account of the situation, the foreigner was touched by the baby’s story. What next?”




In case you were looking for proof of fate and kismet:



This story touched us beyond belief. Have a story to share? You know how to find us.

Cover Image via: Baltimore Sun

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