Aamir Liaquat Reunited With Taher Shah On His Show Last Night And Things Were Not So “Angelic”

By Arslan Athar | 8 Jun, 2016

Aamir Liaquat invited Taher Shah to his special Ramzan transmission.

Being the angel that he is, Taher Shah graciously accepted and announced the news on twitter.

We wonder if Taher Shah has an angelic time machine to travel back to “May 6, 2016”.


He even goes so far as to call him “The only singer in the world”.

Oh yeah, the entire music industry was just dissed in under 2 minutes!


It’s pretty exciting to see these two ‘celebrities’ together on screen again. One wondered how Aamir Liaquat will entertain his ‘Angelic’ guest.


Maybe he’ll feed him some Aam



He might introduce him to some wild animals

Source: Dawn
Source: Dawn


He could also hand him a brand new baby

Source: Metro
Source: Metro


Speaking of giveaways, Taher Shah could walk with a new lawn ka jora or motorcycle!

Source: SMH
Source: SMH


However today when the show actually aired, no one saw THIS coming

Oh yes, you just saw Aamir Liaquat dressed up as an angel.


But Taher Shah soon established himself as the authority on who can be an angel and who can’t

You go Taher Shah!!


These people lauded Shah for going through with the madness that is Aamir Liaquat for a second time

Ye boy kuch zyada hi admire kar raha hai! 


And then the Dubsmashing began

Yup, Amir Liaquat just dubsmashed Angel on live television.


And it continued

Quite an interesting “angle”, tbh.


Twitter obviously lost its shit

A very interesting inkishaaf indeed.


But people were losing their patience with Aamir Liaquat

Clearly nothing changed since the last time these two met 

Source: Memeabad

Taher Shah, don’t let the Aamir Liaquats of the world bog you down. Jhoomte Raho!

Source: BuzzFeed

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