15 Pakistanis Who Were Super Excited For Their First Sehri of 2016

15 Pakistanis Who Were Super Excited For Their First Sehri of 2016

15 Pakistanis Who Were Super Excited For Their First Sehri of 2016

The month of Ramazan, when everyone turns super pious and Amir Liaquat is unleashed on unsuspecting Pakistanis, is here. Thanks to fate this year’s rozay have arrived smack in the middle of the sweltering summer season without any chance of monsoon rains in the near future.

As most of you are participating with your first roza of the year, here are some fellow rozaydaar who want you to know how excited they were at sehri time:


1. This guy who was planning to eat everything within sight


2. And this one who HAD to remind you about the long summer days

Bhai pata hai rozay bohat lambay honay hain, baar baar bolnay se chotay nahi hojaein gae.


3. This guy had an important question about the food he ate


4. And this person had a rude awakening at Sehri time


5. While this one just had the Sehri for a whole kabaddi team


6. And this one couldn’t stop complimenting her for it


7. This guy was the smartest with time management

And he regrets it, obviously.


8. This one’s bae is readying for some muscle work apparently

bhai, itna doodh sehri ke nahi suhag raat ke waqt piyo.


9. And this one was a good bae


10. This guy’s Sehri makes us jealous and inspired at the same time


11. This poor guy has the most typically Pakistani experience



12. This tweet makes us worried for the safety of this person

What men? Is everything alright? Are you alive?


13. And this one just made the WORST SEHRI MISTAKE EVER

Oh no, you didn’t!


14. While this one says what we’re all feeling right about now

15. And finally, this guy had the question that’s probably on every one of your minds

You know if they do, we’ll be watching. We’ll find you and we will write about you 😉

Pehla roza mubarak, Pakistan.

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