13 Ways Pakistani Media Changes During Ramazan

13 Ways Pakistani Media Changes During Ramazan

13 Ways Pakistani Media Changes During Ramazan

Ramazan is hereagain. It’s a month where everyone suddenly makes a 180 degree personality shift. The whole country becomes this festive arena with dates flowing here and there. Our media houses become experts at Arabic enunciation, Ramazan becomes Ramadan, Namaz become SalahSunnat becomes Sunnah and everything has to be directly synced with the epiglottis.


So let’s walk through what happens in the media during Ramazan.


1. The month will have a humble beginning.

Source: Geo


2. But then the party will start.

download Source: Imgflip


3. Some jobless dude will be forced to eat a mango.

Source: YouTube

A beautiful sight for a beautiful month.


4. Some invasion of privacy will take place with the guests.

Source: YouTube

Because you know Ramadan and awkward hugging go hand in hand.


5. Kids will get to play with snakes. #Ramadanthings


6. Somebody will be asked to rip off his Kameez

mynv7 Source: Imgflip


7. And then get beaten up too. Because who doesn’t love some WWE?

ssss Sourc: Imgflip


8. And if you are lucky, you might just win a New Born Baby too! #RamadanLottery

Source: The Mirror

Basically a one stop solution for everything! – Pakistan television’s finest hour.


9. You will probably find gossip hungry aunties who roam in parks, harassing people… 

Show me those Nikkah Nammas!


…suddenly transformed into symbols of religious knowledge.

Source: Pakistan Media Updates

“Hum banain gay sahara eik dosray ka, kyoon kay humay hay ehsaas apnoon kaa.” Maya Khan- we know you care a lot about people, a little too much at times – more like a stray dog barking at you for no reason.


10. Somebody will be seeking redemption for their devilish acts.

Source: Sify


Source: Blogspot



11. You fill find film stars… 

Veena Malik
Via: Pictures PK


…becoming religious scholars.

Source: Ary


12. Hamza Ali Abbasi will remain…

…well, Hamza Ali Abbasi, unfortunately.


13. Basic Hygiene will become complicated too. To Brush or Not to Brush?

Basically you get a hall pass when it comes to bad breath in Ramadan. In fact, it’s actually better since the bad smell is automatically assumed as “ Rozay Dar Ki Khushboo!” So, your breath smells like shit but it’s all good mate.

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