Pass The Popcorn, Shaan Is Having An Entertaining Twitter Battle With Javed Akhtar After He Canceled His Visit To Karachi

By Sannia Bilal | 19 Feb, 2019

Recently, the massacre of more than 40 Indian military personnel that took place at a camp in Pulwama, a district of occupied Kashmir, has stirred up a storm between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has been held responsible for the attack by the Indian Government.

Previously, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi were invited at a literary event arranged by the Karachi Arts Council in honor of Kaifi Azmi. The couple had confirmed their attendance at the event. However, they canceled their visit to Pakistan, in light of the unrest between the two countries.


Ever since they announced the cancelation of their visit to Pakistan, the couple has been tweeting on the matter

This all appears mainly to reassure their fellow Indians that they were in fact standing in solidarity with them because as soon as the Pulwama incident happened there was massive backlash against the two for planning to attend an event in Karachi.



Javed Akhtar initially tweeted saying he has a special relationship with CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

He said that he had written the anthem for CRPF and met a number of officers during the process which increased his love and respect for them.


Then, in another tweet, Javed Akhtar formally canceled his and Shabana Azmi’s attendance at the event

He also quoted a poem in reference to the cancelation of his plan that was written by Kaifi Azmi during the war between India and Pakistan in 1965.

His cancelation took the internet by storm. Some stood by his stance, some were apparently in disagreement.


One person who jumped at the opportunity to respond was Shaan, who has been quite active on social media lately

In his response, he said that now was the right time for the couple to come and prove their friendship and trust in Pakistan. He offered his condolences for the lives lost and said that ‘hate wins elections’….

Shaan didn’t just stop there

He urged Javed Akhtar to write a poem like his father-in-law, Kaifi Azmi regarding Kashmir being an occupied region by external forces.


But someone pointed out that the “poem” Shaan was referring to was actually written by Habib Jalib for a movie by Shaan’s own father



But guessing from Shaan’s response, he either didn’t really get the fact checking or chose to ignore it out of embarrassment


Later, other Pakistanis also trolled Javed Akhtar.

Like digital rights activist Nighat Dad, who first of all, corrected the lyricist and said its ‘Karachi’, not ‘Kranchi’. then she pointed out that artists should play a positive role when it comes to bringing peace and refrain from giving silly statements based on unfounded allegations.


Shabana Azmi, too, took to Twitter to declare her stance

In her first tweet pertaining to the unfortunate events, Shabana said that they will have to “call halt to cultural exchange”. She said that she is filled with grief and pain by the attack and that she feels weakened in her belief that people to people contact can persuade the establishment to do the right thing.


This was followed by another tweet that confirmed that the couple will be calling off cultural exchange of any kind with Pakistan

She said that they cannot overlook their martyrs who are laying down their lives for them and continue carrying cultural exchange between the two countries.


But then she went back again by saying that there’s a difference between the Pakistani establishment and the people of Pakistan

She claimed that we’re all brothers and sisters at either sides of the border inevitably divided by circumstance with which they had nothing to do.

These tweets caused an outburst among the Twitter folk where Indians and Pakistanis both seemed to have mixed feeling about the couple. Some Pakistanis stepped up and responded to her tweets. Remember Kangana Ranaut’s disgusting statement against Pakistan? That’s how most people felt about these two, too. 

Khair, we condemn this act of violence and offer our deepest condolences and sympathies to India in this time of grief. Pakistan will always be hopeful for peace in the subcontinent.


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